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  1. I'll add my voice to this discussion in hopes that the Evernote dev team will see this as an important issue to address... I love EverNote and use it every day. I pay for the premium subscription so that I can share notes with my wife and coworkers. And, I find it really frustrating that no matter what I do, I can't copy text out of Evernote with the same formatting that it had when I pasted it in. One of my uses is that I save a lot of email form letters and clippings that I reuse to construct new emails. No matter how I format the text in Evernote, it never copies out of Evernote with the same font size that I use in email. What's weird, is that if I choose 11 pt, it pastes into Mail as 11 pt. But if I choose 12 pt, it pastes into Mail as 13pt! Grrr. I tried tricking it by putting 11.5 pt into the Fonts palette but it still just pastes as 11 pt. So, I have to resize the text in Mail EVERY TIME I paste from Evernote. I don't need a major overhaul of the editor. I recognize that Evernote is a note-taking application and not a page layout program or even a word processor. I just want consistency with the rest of my applications in terms of how it copies and pastes simple things like font size.
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