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  1. Hi All, Thanks for this discussion! After 15 days of unresolved troubleshooting with Evernote support, my boyfriend finally located a problem in the log after referring to this conversation. I had gone thru many efforts to resolve this problem from re-installing, creating test accounts, checking start up items… more. I had the same error that I was not connected to the internet. I was able to resolve the problem by adding a computer name. It seems like this version of Evernote fails on NULL computer name values. My problem occurred after running an Evernote update, where I hadn't had this problem before. I'm restating it here just for reference to anyone else interested. I've included some FAKE data in my log to not expose personal info. I hope this helps someone in the future. THE PROBLEM: From Mac OSX desktop Evernote 5.5 you cannot authenticate to that app and you get the error "Please check your internet connection and try again". I did have connectivity, my authentication was correct (could log in via browser and iOS devices). EXAMPLE of PROBLEM in Evernote.log"2014-02-11 08:46:42 [ENAuthenticator] INFO: Authenticating yourname@emailprovider.com/Evernote to www.evernote.com2014-02-11 08:46:42 [ENAuthenticator] DEBUG: -[ENAuthenticator doAuthentication] authentication error. hardwareUUID:73749B0CA2EB9821911F3FBBEB1D78E1computerName: 2014-02-11 08:46:42 [ENAuthenticator] INFO: EDAMUserException(errorCode:2,parameter:"deviceDescription")2014-02-11 08:46:42 [ENAuthenticator] INFO: Unknown EDAMUserException." THE FIX:Go to System Preferences SharingPopulate the Computer Name (mine was blank) After populating a computer name Evernote finally worked!
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