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  1. oh weird... I've never noticed that hover behavior, why not just have it enabled all the time!-P And somehow, I've always associated clicking on the note area/arrow area with MOVE not navigate to notebook. Which is how clicking in that area when you are already in the notebook behaves. Thank you for the tip, but I think this UX could be a lot more consistent and easier to discover. I don't see the need for this to be a "hover to discover" functionality, it seems very basic to the workflow and you'd think it would be surfaced prominently.
  2. I often find myself searching for a note I know exists in order to place a new note in the same notebook (which I am not quite sure of which notebook I filed it under). I'd think that if I select a note from the search results, then I would have an easy way of then navigating to that note's notebook or adding a new note in the same notebook. For example, when I select a note from the search results then its notebook would be (possibly temporarily) added to the drop down list of "new note in" notebooks, but it is not. Also, a quick way to navigate to that note's notebook. If I double click the search result, the note opens in a new window but the default notebook does not change. Why wouldn't it change to that note's notebook or at the very least, due to the navigation to the note, adding its notebook to the "new note in" drop down list... nope. Am I missing something?
  3. This happening to me in Version 6.12.3 (455520 Direct) on OSX 10.11.6. It only started happening with latest evernote update. If the note is inside the main application pane, then switching to another note and back will make the spinner go away. But if the note is opened in its own separate window, then there is no way to get rid of the spinner/behavior that I know of. Please do not say "switch to the web platform". That is ridiculous unless you are saying that Evernote is deprecating the native app?
  4. I'm familiar with conflicting changes, and I try to take care to sync before editing. Usually EN is good when this is happening but I just came back to my computer to find that in my pre-trip "Todo's" note, it was note where I left it off... Actually what happened was, I clicked on my Trip notebook, clicked on my Todo's, and started adding, then realized that the list was not up to date where I left off. I KNEW I had made a lot of changes compared to the version I was editing. So I searched for some key words, (a todo list is curt and can have a lot of hits for a long time EN user!-P) and eventually hit on the copy with my changes. In this case I found a search term that was in the version I wanted but not in the current one, so all I saw in the search results was the same named note which makes it really confusing. So I had to go back and see that there were two different notes with the same name. I could see that the "Updated" date/time of the version with the changes I wanted had a reasonable date (12:20AM). What it appears that happened is at some point I ended up editing the "Conflicting Changes (2015-05-04 05:56:12 +0000) version of the note... That is not very user friendly. It seems to indicate a conflict around 10:56PM if my time conversion is correct to PST. but I am pretty sure I was only changing the note on the laptop and not my phone at that time... I could be wrong BUT how would I even know?! What if my change had been smaller, then I may not have even known/found out till it was too late. Like I said, I usually don't SEEM to have a problem in the conflicting changes workflow, but now this current situation makes me wonder if I've ever ended up in this situation before and just didn't realize it!-P I think there should be a big warning if you are editing a "Conflicting" version of a note. Like another posted said, there should be a much better tool for seeing the changes that were conflicting (base version that the two share, changes on the two devices, a three-way visual difference in one form or another). Peter
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