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  1. Update: I contacted them and they sent me links to download the v2 and v3 for a PC. I installed at work, imported my notes, sync'd etc. I now have all my notes dating back from 2006. Now the challenge is to sort through them and delete the really old stuff I no longer need. thanks for all the info, sorry it took so long to post back.
  2. Yes, sort of. I was working in Evernote 6.0.3 on Sunday and it just started to take forever to load the note that I selected. I use this program EVERYDAY for EVERYTHING and when I click on notes down the list, they used to show immediately..now they take several minutes to load content and I don't have that kind of time! I'm using it on my MAC with OS 10.10.1 It's so frustrating. I can, however, edit the note once it shows. Please FIX this. I'm paying for Premium and this is really trying my patience!
  3. Okay, you've been a great help. I'll contact them directly and at least I'll know what to tell them. Thanks again.
  4. I think enb files are V3. The 100 mb allowed sounds like it's b/c you're trying to add the enb file to Evernote. That's not what you'd want to do, since the enb file is the database. Were all your notes sync'd to the EN service? If so, all you should have to do is install the latest version of Evernote on your Mac. Log in to your account & then all the notes will be sync'd from the EN servers. If not all notes were sync'd (including any local/non-sync'd notebooks), then you'll need a Windows V3 version of EN - again you'd need to contact support to get this. Then you could open the enb file & sync all notes (or export notes from local notebooks to enex files to be imported into the Mac client.) I found my exe files and they are version - the size of the most recent old file is actually 203.8 - if I wait until my account resets in 6 days (premium account) do you think it will open it then? In answer to your second paragraph: My notes were sync'd to my flash drive - before I was using the new 'cloud' version...I have Evernote on my Mac and these old notes don't open or sync when I log in. I hope I'm understanding your question.
  5. l'm not sure what version I last used, my windows computer crashed multiple times in 2011 & 2012 and I've switched over to Mac with a partitioned hard drive so that I can use some windows applications using VMWare Fusion software. My Evernote files are stored in Evernote.enb format. I used the original program from 2007-2011, then I switched over to OneNote because it was easier at the time, but since I converted to a Mac in Dec 2012 I would prefer to use my Evernote account. I tried to open my file, but got an error that it was larger than the 100 mb allowed (185.6 mb to be exact). I have access to a windows computer at the office, but we are closed today due to the recent snowstorm here in Maryland.
  6. I have been a fan of Evernote since way back...2007??? and have my Evernote files saved on a hard drive. Is it possible to import them to the current versions? I prefer this over OneNote, Growly Notes, etc. Evernote is the best note taking program I've used. Since the original computer that had the program on it has died i can't even open the files and since I'm now using a Mac, I'd like to retrieve my old notes and sort through them. I have many notes, ideas, etc. and would like to have them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone who can me some insight on this topic....
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