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  1. Thank you for the reply. That totally stinks, however. I bought a 64 gig card so that I can transfer my entire library of documents, music, etc. over to my tablet and not need my computer as much. I was hoping my tablet could to some degree replace my computer, but when it comes to Evernote at least, that will not be possible. This is a serious drawback that could very well influence my decision to renew my premium membership. Thanks again.
  2. So, I'm new to both android and offline notbooks. I'm running android 4.2.2 if that matters. How do I find the offline notebook location and then move it? I have a app called "my files" that lets me move folders, but where are the offline notebooks and where on the memory card do I put them? I am very confused with the entire process. Does evernote have a standard file save location for offline notebooks that I can find? If I find the location and move the folders, would evernote recognize them still and would I be able to access the folders within the evernote app? I know that on a computer, if you just move a folder you would need to redirect evernote to the new location to get it to recognize the folders? Any help you can provide would be very appriciated. Thank you.
  3. I just got an android tablet and installed Evernote on it. This tablet does not have Cellular data, so I'm stuck with Wifi. Because of this I download my important folders so I can use them when I do not have access to Wifi. However, my tablet does not have much storage space. I use a much larger memory Card to spplement the lack of storage. My question is this: where does evernote save the Offline notebooks on an Android device? Is it possible to move this location to the external memory Card? I have a lot of information in Evernote, and I do not want it to take up my entire Storage Space on my tablet. Thank You for your time.
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