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  1. I just discovered this unfortunately! I am very angry about this change. Why would Evernote Web be different from using it on my computer??????? I have only two devices, my Mac and my iPhone. I have no need for the Web most of the time as there has been no need. So now if I have a problem, there is no way to solve it by asking them a question! I have enjoyed Evernote for many years but this certainly makes it less usable for me. I HATE this new version and would like to revert to the previous version! Ann Rast
  2. I hate this version, too! Some of the things I'm used to are no longer available such as the clipper. It takes a screen shot and then converts it to a note. No way to close the window that pops up. It used to be so simple! Things that used to take one click are now more difficult and take more clicks even if you can find it. Does Evernote make these changes just to justify someone's job or to charge more money? I HATE this version!
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