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  1. WooHoo! Thank You gazumped that was the exact answer I was looking for. So for those that may eventually end up on this page cause they had the same issue as me here is the scenario: 1. Download and install app to your android phone (take note it will not ask you for an email address but it will select one of your email addresses that is yours on your phone. 2. Don't freak out when you go to use it for the first time and your wondering why it is not syncing up with your Evernote that is on your computer. 3. Again don't freak out when you look and notice the email address they are using is on
  2. Hello, I have read several of the posts on this forum and replies but am still not clearly seeing how to correct a problem. I established Evernote on my computer several weeks ago (am loving using it). Today I decided to install the Evernote app on my android phone. After it installed (never asked me during install what email to use) I noticed it picked up and is using an old email address that I rarely use as my account email. So as suggested I have gone to the web dashboard/account summary/security summary/email address and clicked Change Email but it will not let me change the email to the
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