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  1. Apparently, the voices of customers don't carry much weight. #disappointed #stillwaiting
  2. The way my brain creates the logic for Evernote is by Notebooks, and creating notebooks within notebooks, as sub-folders is something I've wanted for a long time. It seems maybe there was nestable notebooks once upon a time?? It would be fantastic as a Realtor to have the following hierarchy available to me: REAL ESTATE (Top level stack name) CLIENTS Client_name Purchase Address Contracts Correspondence Disclosures Inspection Reports Title/Escrow As you can see, this method requires the ability to have nesting notebooks. Pleeeeeaaaase??
  3. UPDATE: I tried the sequence noted above again (exiting while note was open) and it seemed to fix the issue. I am facing this issue as well, whether or not I use the keyboard shortcut or the button on the toolbar. I tried exiting Evernote with the New Note open, but it did not change anything. I am using Premium version:
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