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  1. No. Forgetting to sync is NOT user error. Requiring the user to remember to press the sync button, is bad user interface design. You are right that similar challenges apply for many cloud-based solutions, but many of them have found good solutions, which DON'T involve overwriting newer versions with older edited files. There are a number of solutions that can be used: Disable editing until the file has been (automatically!) synced.Warn the user when uploading an older edited version. (You can know this if previous upload date of current file is before last modification date of file on server.)When the file on the server was newer than the locally edited file, create a merge of both contents, with clear indication which contents comes from which version.Allow all (also free) users access to 2 or 3 previous versions of the file, to sort out syncing problems by themselves.Since Evernote supports offline editing, they probably can't use the first two solutions, but the last two are possible. I too have just lots some important information because I used the mobile client to edit a note. I am going to look into alternatives that do support versioning for free (possibly Google Docs), and I am going to tell other people that are using Evernote, about the risks that they will loose their data.
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