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  1. Thank you so very much. I am humbled by all the amazing work everyone is doing. I learned a lot from how others are using Evernote. Keep up the great work.
  2. Kanban is a system of tracking from ‘waiting for’ to ‘doing’ to ‘completed’. So many times I will place an item on my cue as a waiting for. That way I can determine the scope of the project before Putting it into a category. Only the. ‘doing’ is placed in the matrix. I hope picture here helps. The 'To Do' is all of my pending actions that need to be accomplished. The 'Doing' category is where I apply the Urgent/Important categories. 'Done' is just a list of those items that show me what projects I have completed or worked on. Sometimes, one part of project can't be started until a different part is completed. An example is my spring 2020 semester. Those I currently have as waiting, in January it will become Important as I’m tracking each task/project that needs to be completed. Eventually my doctorate will fall into the completed category. I hope this helps.
  3. They are a simple reminder of how to focus. A project has beginning and a defined end point. A process is on going with repeatable functions. For example completing my 2020 Federal Taxes will be a project. I need to capture all the required documents and finalize it. My monthly electric bill is an ongoing and a process for management. So they are handled differently. I hope this helps
  4. Like most people people, I am juggling multiple aspects of my life; career, advancement, school, family, etc. I have found the Eisenhower method helpful, with a twist. I use it as my dashboard for GTD and add a side of Kanban. That way I can see what is coming up and what has been done. Linking between the notes is the glue to maintain my sanity. Reminder dates allow me track what is due in the future. I consider it a compilation of different methods to meet my demands. Below is the system I follow to keep current. I did not create this system, that was from a podcast I heard from Stacey Harmon at https://www.harmonenterprises.com Let me know what you think. Get Focused Task Management - Active v. Reference: To do lists Either Active v. Waiting for (Reminders) Project Management - Active v. Reference: Projects have a defined beginning to end. Open are active and closed to go reference. Consider Active v. Waiting for Process Management - Active v. Reference: Are an ongoing items that reoccur. Phone call list, bills Consider Active v. Waiting for Reference Management - Active v. Reference: Is there really an Active Reference management system? Either Reference v. Waiting for (i.e. date) Waiting for - Can be a person, place, date/time. So maybe the Who, What, where, when why & how should apply here
  5. I am unable to locate where my current reminders are in EN. It is not in the folder so that I can see what is due & when.
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