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  1. Ok, maybe the Apple thing will throw off some of you, but my point is that simple tasks such as creating a "saved search" should NOT require me to look it up. I had to go to the website and knowledge base. Even the apps "Help" couldn't provide an answer. I've been using Evernote for a long time, years. This year I've really been dedicated to going paperless, and so I'm beginning to delve deeper into Evernote, and use it more. Now I see why I haven't been using it more. It is counter intuitive. I really think Evernote should hire a novel team to try the app as beginners and give feedback. After spending 4 hours today, doing what shouldn't have taken that long, because simple things like saving a search weren't readily available. Seriously? There should be a simple "save search" button in the Search Box. Instead, I'm instructed to go to File>Find>Save Search. REALLY!!!! Who in their right minds would think to go to File first of all, and then "FIND?" I just searched, I know what I found. And then Save search. That menu isn't even clear that it is saving your current search. It was so counter intuitive, I had to look it up AGAIN, the next time I wanted to do it. COME ON!!! Apple products, that's just what I use, anticipate what I want to do. Sometimes to the creepy point, as in when I walk into a Walgreen's it pulls up my loyalty card. But more usefully, it thinks ahead and provides simple solutions or options that appear readily available. Evernote is a great idea. Actually a stellar idea. But unless you are a programmer, accomplishing more than just creating a note, can be...frustrating, extremely frustration when all you want to do is...SAVE A SEARCH!!! I think if your budget is tight, you should spend less on advertising and selling the program as easy, and actually make it easy. Then, it will sell itself. Proud Premium Member, for now.
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