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  1. I support this idea. It seems like something has been done to address this, but still not wholly satisfactory - cursor can still disappear below taskbar (windows 10), but now if you continue typing an extra white space is added below. It would be better if this happened before the cursor disappears!
  2. I have the same problem with desktop app on Windows 10. It's been like this for quite a few months in fact. The problem is also compounded with the windows 10 bug where on restart the mouse setting of "number of lines to scroll" is always reset to 6. Anyway, this is pretty poor for evernote, as being able to scroll precisely through a note is of utmost importance - at the moment it really impacts on usability. BTW the scrolling with your fingers with the touch screen (if you have that on your laptop) is perfectly fine! Edit: I found that if I switch the from windows control of my Alps touchpad to Alps control in the control panel, then this gives perfectly smooth scrolling!! The downside is that the reason I chose windows control in the first place is that with Alps I can't find a way of turning off the right click region (I find two finger touch more intuitive).
  3. Hello, I regularly use evernote to record notes on my research and it would be helpful if I could directly copy a figure from matlab and paste into an evernote note. Currently, I can "copy figure" from a matlab figure window, paste into powerpoint, copy this and then paste into evernote. I would like to eliminate this intermediate step (when I try to directly paste into evernote nothing happens!) Thanks Bhavin
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