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  1. OK noted. I guess I misunderstood, I thought Penultimate was already available on iOS since it's already presented by Evernote for iPad, but not Android. Thanks. JB
  2. Scott, thanks for the reply on the stylus. Metrodon, once again, I don't know anything about the technology. Maybe it's easier to program and run tests on iOS than on Android, and maybe Evernote's customer base is much bigger on iOS. I have no clue. I'll still wait for the final version to be ready before testing. I'm just a dumb stupid user so I need things to be pretty, functional and easy. However, I don't understand what 'ink' is. Isn't ink Penultimate? JB
  3. Thanks for the update and link. It seems the development team is much stronger on Apple products than on Android. Well, I guess we still have to wait for a while... On the stylus note, I hope any stylus would work. I don't know what technology is involved in a stylus, but it seems to me the Apple store pen is very expensive. In the link Metrodon provided, some people also mention other apps. I wonder what are the differences between those apps and Evernote.
  4. Hi, Just a quick question: when will Penultimate and a stylus will be available on Android tablets? Are there any plans? Thanks, JB
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