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  1. I've been using EN + postach.io for a while now, and I think it's simply amazon to have Evernote to be the CMS. It's Aldo simple to add links and other content since both support Markdown
  2. Jaack

    mac Sync issues

    Everyone encountering sync issues now? I'm trying to sync, but there's no way..
  3. Yeah, I think so, too. I sincerely forgot about Evernote peek! I used it twice then deleted it, no sense for me.. I don't study that way EN wanna u to do that. This being said, I hope handwriting capabilities to be implemented in the iPhone app at least.. If I don't own an iPad, I cannot use Penultimate tools, it's quite unfair...
  4. Yeah, I think that's normal, everyone'd like to have all features he needs in one app only
  5. No, nothing official, but there wasn't iOS 7 update for the app, and business card can be stored directly from Evernote app from a not-so-short period..
  6. Well, I don't understand.. They're closing support for Evernote Hello, why can't be done the same thing?
  7. Yes, I mean that. Now I need to use notability, but it doesn't have direct sync w/ Evernote notebooks..
  8. I recently downloaded Notability from AppStore, and I noticed that it's a very powerful tool for note-taking. I wonder, could it be possible to integrate the handwriting Penultimate feature in order to get a fully powered note-taking Evernote app? Typing is so simple, but, for example, I'd usually need to take sketches or handwritten notes because I'm in a hurry.
  9. I'm gone paperless for 2 weeks by now using iPad, iPhone and Mac: with iPad and Adonit Jot Pro, I write on Penultimate taking notes during lessons;with my Mac, I store notes taken w/ Penultimate and gather infos from the web w/ EN Web Clipper and PDFs of the books, slide from professors etc.EN wrote a user story about me to show how you can do that Evernote italiano, Giacomo Barbieri, studente universitario, usa ... I also wrote a post on my blog on how I use EN http://tweaknology.org/?s=evernote
  10. is there any app on the AppStore that lets you attach EN notes in reminders?
  11. I wonder if a new version of Evernote with handwriting feature will be available on iPhone as it was in Android
  12. I know that when I decide to share one of my notebooks, I can select various options, setting up permissions for invited people. I think it should be a good a idea to add an extra option to those ones: the option to let invited-to-notebook people create new notes, but not edit existing ones. I hope everyone reading to understand what I mean, if not I can try to explain better because my english's not so well.
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