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  1. I booted my PC this morning and went into Chrome only to find that Web Clipper was not working. I got it to work but am not sure which of the following things was key. 1. Both Dropbox and Google Drive are set to boot automatically on my computer at startup (and appear in the tray)--- I turned them off. 2, I started both my PC version of Evernote, and also the Web version. I suspect only one of the items above needs to be done. Maybe someone with the same problem can execute my "buckshot" approach one at a time and point to which one(s) were key.
  2. roghur- Your solution worked perfectly on my older Ipod Touch. As you said, I downloaded Evernote to my PC through ITunes. Then I went to my Ipod "updates" and found the app. Just as you said, when I clicked Install it asked if I wanted to install an older compatible version. I said, yes, and it did it!!! Your solution ought to be elevated to the top of the heap in a Chrome search. Thanks for this easy, elegant solution.
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