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  1. Alas, no. Maybe I need a new backup program. This one was easy to set up and provided by the manufacturer of my NAS, but seems possible it is the culprit and not Evernote so I might be looking for a new backup program.
  2. I made sure Evernote and every related program and Windows Service were not running - no change in behavior. Maybe this isn't an Evernote issue....
  3. I have noticed when I back up my computer to my Syonolgy NAS there is a large file (400Mb+) in the Evernote Databases directory called rknopf.exb. Since my handle is rknopf, I am sure the name is based on the account. My problem is the file seems to be changing constantly, leading Synology Cloud Backup to back it up every 15-20 seconds, causing my backups to drag out interminably. Can anyone explain this behavior and is there any way to stop it outside of excluding the Databases directory from the backup?
  4. Despite being a dedicated Evernote user, I curse your name every time I open a PDF because I get a web clipper popup asking me to try it now. I don't want to, but I can't make the popup go away. It is obnoxious behavior, more suited for announcing a critical security patch than making me look at a new feature. Yes I could try it to make it go away, but I needed to tell you just how obnoxious I think it is.
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