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  1. DTS: 02172014-2033 Hello, RE: Pondering Enex Export Much of the information on the.enex export is scattered across search engines especially Google Web Search. I was reviewing the back-end architecture of the Evernote network regarding gates and information transport from layer to layer. It appears the Evernote interface is basically a "reader." I'm pondering the application of .enex such as sharing, encryption and control. On a test export, I see the enex file is an XML map containing data referencing the file's structure. Referring back to Evernote's network architecture would relate each notebook stack as a directory containing directories (notebooks) containing enex files; this is great! 1. Since the enex file is an XML map containing data referencing the file's structure, how much of the original permission sets remain? 2. If none, then how much control does the original holder retain after import anonymous or not? 3. If none, then is an encrypted enex better shared than live sharing with an URL reference? 4. Then is it better to export enex from EN Business than personal since the enex should call up the EN business mainframe from which it was exported? Thank you, Mario F Stevenson
  2. DTS: 02152014-2106 Hello, RE:RE: Note2Note Linking (N2NL) I'm not sure what you're getting at because your response sounds more like "tabloid" table-talk than actual experience. I never seen an enterprise level collaboration with so few people ("...5-20 people..." what's that!) From my experience, small groups like those you mention are "meet-ups" or "telephone conferences." Teaching a class of students in those numbers isn't considered "enterprise." So it's best not to consider small groups as such as "enterprise level." I finished 2013 reviewing more than 2,820 CRMs; 1,000 ERPs; and all PM platforms. Sometimes a review can last between one (1) hour and eight (8) hours, just to issue-out the review for corporate use in practice management. I'm neither sure of your idea of "user management;" to "managers," again, I'm not sure if you're one or not, but it's very basic, as to the point, not enterprise level and as far as: "...data security, availability, backup." If you can't provide these services as part of your "workflow," I'm not sure how "enterprise level" provisioning of any kind was something you experienced (or rather missed.) These are neither "very high level requirements." I could see if perhaps you were employed to "work for" multinationals, of course then you wouldn't be privileged, to enterprise architecture and engineering details and really that's an area reserved for plan admins, PMs and project sponsors. It's a closed circle where, if my information herein puzzles you, then you're not in that circle (not to be confused with "oration.") Therefore, I'm not sure how my case study would benefit your needs referencing your responses already. You're probably thinking the case study would be a white paper which it isn't (these are two (2) distinct reports.) A case study provides a solution to questionable scenario, as in "case study;" it's evidenced-based. It appears that, you're wanting to debunk my case study before it's published based on your previous experiences with "et cetera." If those experiences are documented for public review (which I know isn't based on industry standards and that your appearing haven't previously shared them,) then debunking evidence without presenting the contrary does nothing, but get in the way. So what is it you're looking for because if you haven't implemented it by now, then you never will. In comparison between the number of posts you have and the number of posts I have in this forum, you should've been far ahead providing some value-added research to Evernote, but waiting for my publications for which you should've produced by now, far more information, on a platform than I won't meet your needs nor improve your situation. I take on projects with no funding and create funding mechanisms to sponsor an array of program budgets and practices; of course, if you're not in that circle, it's useless information anyway. You'll find I'm hard to spook! Thank you, Mario F. Stevenson REF.:
  3. DTS: 02152014-2114 Hello @jbenson2, RE: Note2Note Linking (N2NL) It takes a lot of nerve, to reference a two (2) year old article regarding Evernote supposing the article's declaration is effective upon today's application. More so, I don't have to be an Evernote employee, to know that, publicly defaming a public figure is a crime and is especially noted as a violation of the ToS for forum moderators. It goes without saying! More so, the reference to the article was improperly cited and using it against Evernote as a moderator should qualify banning your account. Here's the reference: Evernote to launch tool for business Evernote's idea- and note-capture tool will be released in a few months, CEO says. By Loek Essers. Last accessed on April 27, 2012 10:39 AM ET from < http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9226665/Evernote_to_launch_tool_for_business >. In response, no I'm not barking up the wrong tree because you have no credibility. The above reference is also provided, to give Evernote and myself a chance to defend against that non-sense you slandered and plagiarized. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson REF.: I'm also having a difficult time figuring out where you are going, but I think you are barking up the wrong tree. Take a look at the link below to get some viewpoints from the Evernote CEO. You just might be in the "50 percent of corporate businesses" he references. Companies will not be able to run an Evernote server behind the corporate firewall. Libin called it a "slippery slope" saying that he refuses to be a consultant that constantly adjusts its product for the customer. "I think companies that are not comfortable using the cloud aren't going to be Evernote customers," Libin said. While he estimated that may eliminate 50 percent of potential corporate business, he expects that more companies are going to get comfortable using cloud products in the future. Libin isn't expecting to sell to financial institutions since, he said, that is the industry least likely to purchase cloud products at the moment.http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9226665/Evernote_to_launch_tool_for_business
  4. DTS: 02152014-2106 Hello @megsaint, RE:RE: Note2Note Linking (N2NL) Only if he wants to prove Evernote isn't capable of enterprise implementation, he would need to debunk my findings that, Evernote is capable of enterprise implementation. Of course he must wait until I publish my case study proving that Evernote is capable of enterprise implementation or before I publish my case study, he can publish his own case study why Evernote isn't capable of enterprise implementation. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson REF.: Huh? Why would Metrodon want to "debunk the value of Evernote"? He seems pretty darned fond of it.
  5. DTS: 02152014-2044 Hello, RE:RE: Note2Note Linking (N2NL) I have yet to view the screencast, I do apologize. After this commentary I'll review the screencast and refer back here. Of course, but then as previously stated requires testing Evernote business. The personal edition works fine, as planned for SMBs. So it's good to go AgilePM and the expanded use of Evernote is great for SMB collaboration. These limits are set because it's the natural limits placed of bandwidth connections via Internet Protocol; Evernote has nothing to do with it. The notes and notebooks within a stack can be shared. Incorporating workflows into stacks is easy. The workflow itself is the stack, but each notebook in the stack is a process. Originally these processes were tags, but as each notebook pertains to a process or queue also relates to AgilePM as an epic or story. Visualize a stack labeled: "Backlog Workflow". Within this stack are more than 30 notebooks numbered sequentially as processes -00 to [-xx] with [-xx] being a final close (actually it's not the final close, but a restricted close, holding records for the end of the year review.) The workflow covers e-procurement, project management, publication, sales and task management. By the way, I had seen the screencast. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson.
  6. DTS: 02152014-1616 Hello, RE: Comments on Notes I'm familiar with all the project and task management platforms as of 2014. Honestly, Azendoo is one of the worst. Platforms using design interfaces dissimilar are of the same engineering creatives. These are mid-level and Redbooth (formally Teambox) rests in the center. This is the reason when Redbooth makes changes, so does the rest. Enterprise level is different where it either hits or misses the mark because it either has an invoicing module or it doesn't while being deficient in another. If Azendoo is your current platform, I would suggest IntervalsOnline or activeCollab. When your familiarity outgrow these two (2) I would suggest Invoicera over Xero. Yes these are accounting and bookkeeping platforms, but your work is nothing without either an invoice or purchase order. It will then lead you to executive sales training and then finance (the end game.) The real problem behind PM and task management platforms is the lack of finance, in essence, lacking the ability to generate or produce funds. In all, each platform is based upon: "the amount of collaboration" and "how." You'll soon notice each platform uses a wiki for its collaboration. Now, Skydrive is best viewed by InternetExplorer (Trident) while Google Docs is best viewed by Webkit (Safari, Comodo, Chrome, etc.) With each of those platforms upon face is great, but compatibility and professional presentation isn't. This is important when your invoices and purchase orders must match your work orders, income statements, PL reports, balance sheet and etc. Neither can properly render these documents except your financial platform and it's a requirement, for this area of work. So if your current PM or task management platforms aren't compatible with your financial platform, you just wasted your money and finding another and exporting your work isn't always possible (you just lost your business.) Evernote and Zapier has everything you need. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson
  7. DTS: 02152014-1437 Hello, RE:RE: Note2Note Linking (N2NL) Already proven false, but in case you're wondering, it seems to work for you and many others. It's already an enterprise application. The case study is coming along great unless you can debunk the value of Evernote, as an application. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson REF.:
  8. DTS: 02152014-1437 Hello, RE:RE: Note2Note Linking (N2NL) The internal link wouldn't navigate anywhere, but it would pull the data. Rendering the data would require user session and GUID detection, to ensure the rendered linking isn't exposed. This means the actual internal URL would be hard-coded into the application interface whether it's Windows, Mobile or Mac; the interface would recognize the call and only process the "?N2NL=2094848skfjdsdsjk." Using hover methods could bring a unique feel and value-added depth to Evernote. Another possible method for rendering the data using N2NL is creating a capability to "insert data" or "include a note" into a note. Previously, I stated Evernote was used for AgilePM, so a note is actually a task. Note: When we create the note as a task, I set the qualified "!Task" tag, set the reminder date, include the adhoc permission set preceding the title: -I (internal) -P (private) -R (restricted.) Since I have several stacks as notebook epics and notebook stories; we don't use that many tags, but we do have many. Instead, there's more than 50 notebooks that are used as phases: project management; E-procurement; sales; and publication; from !Archive-00 to !Close-[xxx]. Therefore, projects, sales, publication and production just moves from top down the assembly-line. We also have a "!Backlog-inbox" which is a primary notebook, within the primary backlog, for all incoming communications. It's all processed down the assembly-line. Issue 1. Creating a task is the same way as creating a new note, but the title is written: -I} Task-1]; The -I} is the permission set seen first, to set the adhoc permission and then: Task-1] is the first task in the notebook stack: -R} Epic] Backlog Workflow; All tasks are held in the same notebook stack, but under: -P-I} Tasks. When the task is written, it can be moved to notebook: -P-R} Story] Outbox, for review or sent right away using send by e-mail. We cannot include a reference to the actual project as a notebook stack or notebook unless its a shared link. Of course that makes the notebook and note public, we don't want this, but instead perhaps even a link that expires at a set date could even work. Solution 1. Option to: "include note data." In this effort, when a note is created as a task, the note can remain a task until complete because the data is included. No exposure is created. Almost like a forum quote. ===================== Here, we don't want to disturb the workflow. It's easy with two (2) or even five (5) clients. When there's about 20 plus people in a workflow, you can't just remove the notebook, as the notebook or stack is, in fact, the workspace and integral to the workflow. Removing the workspace, in this instance crashes the workflow. Place your thoughts on an enterprise level. You have 2000 clients with 100 collaborating on one piece grabbing and publishing information (push and pull.) Now visualize the notebook stacks in your mind. Most solo creatives can only visualize their realm of output, but visualize 30 notebook stacks. The workflow is already done, work is entered and then exited according to the workflow, like a job: clock-in, perform the duties, clock-out. In can be estimated how many contractors or clients will visit or collaborate on a stack, but only using trending data can it be tracked and that's long after 1 year demonstrated. The workflow is always the key for structured environments. Therefore, making a change requires all parties to be notified including the public with a set of exclusions for compliance and reaction; although designed for point and click, enterprise environments are never that easy in a workflow. Issue 1. A set workflow in an Evernote specification requires delegation of notes management as task management. Each project or deliverable responds to change in the workflow creating a critical path (CPPM) for which the workflow is dependent. A note performing as a task needs adequate permission sets for which the note is processed within a workflow. Solution 1. Provide role based permission sets for notes as tasks and notebooks as projects. What are your thoughts. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson
  9. DTS: 02152014-1224 Hello, RE: RE: RE: Embedding Note and Notebook We can probably agree to disagree about that person's commentary, but converting this thread to a "rant" thread helps no-one! The original point will be sent over to developers to ponder and return a value-added response. I appreciate your help. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson REF.: No, jefito was referring to the fact that Evernote didn't design or develop the forum software,including the editor. Someone else did. Therefore, the fact that the editors are different is not terribly surprising. Additionally, the forum software only has to run in a web browser. Evernote runs on multiple platforms. The things you are accusing Jeff of are simply not true. Jeff is not only a moderator of this board, but VERY knowledgable about how Evernote works. He is also VERY helpful to users of this board. He clearly answered your question regarding the differences between the two editors. Furthermore, I'd have to say every one of your posts here have been unclear. Not just to me & Jeff but you'll see at least one other moderator saying this on another thread you posted in. Perhaps it's a language barrier. I don't know. But I suggest you be nicer to those who are trying to help you.
  10. DTS: 02152014-1143 Hello, RE: RE: Note2Note Linking (N2NL) Whether the Note URL is posted via social media or copied to the clip board, you'll notice the Note is categorized as "shared" because it's a live share. The link issued is meant to be public, although it now appears non-viewable within frames or iframes. If the shared link is posted to another note ("Note,") even though that link points to another note ("Note,") if the contents of that note ("Note") was meant for internal eyes only, all notes are viewable in a chain, if a single shared link was publicly exposed. In essence, when using N2NL, make certain the information shared doesn't contain sensitive information. Risk of exposing sensitive information may not occur to solo or non-enterprise users, but in a business environment N2NL must be closely guarded. This issue may not have arisen in Evernote for business, but exclusive access rights must exist in Evernote solo or business, to separately control access to linking. The Evernote platform must be given the same treatment, as any platform where the solo end-user is still admin over his or her shares and content. For instance, say there are three (3) parties: I'm the admin / PM, you're the executive (client,) and then contractors. If I share with you a link, say it's a pre-release manuscript, this link will obviously be a Notebook, as an Epic or Story (AgilePM) where you'll only have viewing and commenting access. I extend linking privileges to three (3) contractors who are responsible for the write-up. If these contractors become untrusted, that linking privilege for a single contractor or each contractor can be removed without disturbing the workflow. The only way to really handle this is having internally exclusive linking. Say, you may want a specific contractor working on a project, but you want that contractor to have "no right-click" or "no CCP;" this would prevent theft of sensitive content while not disturbing the workflow. In the end, the contractor would submit changes for approval, sort of version checking or push and pull. In essence, parts of the virtual editor's ribbon can be disabled. Also, to know if someone anonymous or an authorized user is viewing the note would be helpful. Of course this is all enterprise level, but to an extent some administrative control must be given to the solo user. In March we're switching to Evernote for business hoping there's more administrative privileges expanded on that level. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson REF.: Hi. Thanks for the informative post. I am afraid I didn't understand what you said, though. Could you explain it in a different way for a non-techy person? Specifically, I understand you to be saying that a note containing internal note links that is shared with others could provide unintentional access to the other linked notes that have not been shared. My understanding (and experience) suggests otherwise, so I would be interested in some clarification. Or, to put it another way, I have never seen a case in which any note could be accessed by anyone else unless you specifically tell Evernote to make the note shared or put the note into a shared notebook.
  11. DTS: 02152014-1101 Hello, RE: RE: Embedding Note and Notebook Perhaps you're right about his commentary, but not the programmable sense; however, as I stated, he was referring to EN as a company and not of the platform. He only confused himself "spamming" one-liners or two-liners throughout the forum, to increase his post count, something only amateurs do, to only void credibility. More so, the point wasn't so much on who developed the forum software (right?) It was a matter of comparing capabilities between the two editors. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson REF: No, jefito was referring to the fact that Evernote didn't design or develop the forum software,including the editor. Someone else did. Therefore, the fact that the editors are different is not terribly surprising. Additionally, the forum software only has to run in a web browser. Evernote runs on multiple platforms.
  12. DTS: 02152013-1030 Hello, RE: Note2Note Linking (N2NL) I had converted our entire project management and communications scope to Evernote, where the only thing missing is analytics, a calendar within the Evernote interface so all items can be sorted on a calendar by date, which eventually converts to Gantt charting and internal note2note linking coined "N2NL." Of course the case study won't be published until later this year, I see the current linking system issuing shared links, as a permalink. N2NL would only require a notebook and note being two (2) independent objects instead. The GUID is the query endpoint, but I can understand where it's easier to implement online than through a desktop or mobile interface, unless all EN itself contained an XML map for each userid, guid, and apiid. In this implementation, there are security risks, but those risks can be controlled if the XML map only contained references attached to an authorization key, which is only initiated when the user is logged into the system. The XML map would then only be as accurate as the last sync. This means the user can only publicly release a fully shared link, so say a field entry that shows a permalink for sharing and another for N2NL (this of course can only be an anchor because it's an internally exclusive URL query string. For ex.: ?N2NL=294453453ewrwkhjfnvnerwer) Hence, all notebooks and notes could only push and pull from the XML map last synced. I'm sure this will be implemented when EN becomes fully HTML5 compliant. I would advise using the tips above for N2NL, including the understanding that, the links can be publicly communicated and no note using N2NL should be presumed internally exclusive. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson
  13. DTS: 02142014-1034 Hello, RE: RE: Embedding Note and Notebook Interesting, I thought I was being clear; must have been too technical. Yes, I could embed entire Notebooks. So, to be non-technical, I would grab the Notebook shared URL and write the embed code. Perhaps, you're refering the user forum in comparison to the business: Evernote; I wasn't. I "clearly" referenced the virtual editor in the forum compared to the Evernote interface. So what is it you're talking about? Thank you, Mario F Stevenson It's not clear what you mean by "embedding a notebook" here. Do you mean creating a link to an Evernote notebook? Which client were you using (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, web, etc.), and how did you do that? Ditto for "shared notes have a non-responsive size (the restricted "skinny" LxW.)". The forum was written by a third party, not by Evernote. It's written to expressly be a user forum, which is a UI that many people are familiar with. Evernote is not a user forum. If you have an issue with an Evernote clients's UI, you'll need to be more specific.
  14. DTS: 02142014-0851 Hello, RE: Embedding Note and Notebook Between six (6) and eight (8) months back I could embed an entire notebook; it appears this is no longer the case. URLSs produced by Evernote seem no longer embeddable and the shared notes have a non-responsive size (the restricted "skinny" LxW.) Perhaps I missed something? Also can Evernote explain why the virtual editor in the forum is more intuitive than the Evernote interface? Thank you, Mario F Stevenson
  15. DTS: 02102014-1015 Hello, RE: Comments on Notes For as long as Evernote has been is use I have yet to see the ability to comment on notes. I found it absurd to e-mail a note or share by e-mail a single note for many collaborators; however, I do plan on upgrading to EFB, it bewilders me to send an entire Wiki by e-mail instead of the option to enable for notes, a discussion array or comment box. Similar is found by Get Satisfaction. We would like to use EFB in place of project discussion blogs since it generally functions the same; however, we haven't found EFB listed in Google Apps for Business (GAB) and we're currently building, for us, a work-around, to enable EFB-to-GAB. Projects have a start date, end date and normally transform documentation into standard operating procedures for the resulting deliverable (anything that can be brought to existence via creation is / was a deliverable.) So for each project and then co-op that becomes a business, we find EFB2GAB would be essential, especially for publishing the documentation (although we haven't fully found an app that could manage tasks directly in Gmail using labels.) We would like to see a more "effective" publisher-styled interface that, at least is HMTL 5 compliant with an .epub export. The conversion of notebooks just to prep for an .epub is an api to api ballast headache just to get an .epub form-factor ( as Sigil wraps up and Teamlab seems the only platform result.) I'm familiar with the e-mail to notes, for which we converted to an "Inbox" as our default note in the default notebook ("Backlog" is probably better than "Inbox,") but as stated in aforementioned text, A NOTE IS STILL A TASK / ITERATION, as it must have a beginning date and ending date or it's just sitting there for no purpose! Perhaps a new add-in interface that, opts to "convert note to task / iteration" or even further using AgilePM: "convert notebook to Epic" or "convert notebook to Story." Thank you, Mario F Stevenson
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