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  1. DTS: 02152014-1616 Hello, RE: Comments on Notes I'm familiar with all the project and task management platforms as of 2014. Honestly, Azendoo is one of the worst. Platforms using design interfaces dissimilar are of the same engineering creatives. These are mid-level and Redbooth (formally Teambox) rests in the center. This is the reason when Redbooth makes changes, so does the rest. Enterprise level is different where it either hits or misses the mark because it either has an invoicing module or it doesn't while being deficient in another. If Azendoo is your current platform, I would suggest IntervalsOnline or activeCollab. When your familiarity outgrow these two (2) I would suggest Invoicera over Xero. Yes these are accounting and bookkeeping platforms, but your work is nothing without either an invoice or purchase order. It will then lead you to executive sales training and then finance (the end game.) The real problem behind PM and task management platforms is the lack of finance, in essence, lacking the ability to generate or produce funds. In all, each platform is based upon: "the amount of collaboration" and "how." You'll soon notice each platform uses a wiki for its collaboration. Now, Skydrive is best viewed by InternetExplorer (Trident) while Google Docs is best viewed by Webkit (Safari, Comodo, Chrome, etc.) With each of those platforms upon face is great, but compatibility and professional presentation isn't. This is important when your invoices and purchase orders must match your work orders, income statements, PL reports, balance sheet and etc. Neither can properly render these documents except your financial platform and it's a requirement, for this area of work. So if your current PM or task management platforms aren't compatible with your financial platform, you just wasted your money and finding another and exporting your work isn't always possible (you just lost your business.) Evernote and Zapier has everything you need. Thank you, Mario F Stevenson
  2. DTS: 02102014-1015 Hello, RE: Comments on Notes For as long as Evernote has been is use I have yet to see the ability to comment on notes. I found it absurd to e-mail a note or share by e-mail a single note for many collaborators; however, I do plan on upgrading to EFB, it bewilders me to send an entire Wiki by e-mail instead of the option to enable for notes, a discussion array or comment box. Similar is found by Get Satisfaction. We would like to use EFB in place of project discussion blogs since it generally functions the same; however, we haven't found EFB listed in Google Apps for Business (GAB) and we're currently building, for us, a work-around, to enable EFB-to-GAB. Projects have a start date, end date and normally transform documentation into standard operating procedures for the resulting deliverable (anything that can be brought to existence via creation is / was a deliverable.) So for each project and then co-op that becomes a business, we find EFB2GAB would be essential, especially for publishing the documentation (although we haven't fully found an app that could manage tasks directly in Gmail using labels.) We would like to see a more "effective" publisher-styled interface that, at least is HMTL 5 compliant with an .epub export. The conversion of notebooks just to prep for an .epub is an api to api ballast headache just to get an .epub form-factor ( as Sigil wraps up and Teamlab seems the only platform result.) I'm familiar with the e-mail to notes, for which we converted to an "Inbox" as our default note in the default notebook ("Backlog" is probably better than "Inbox,") but as stated in aforementioned text, A NOTE IS STILL A TASK / ITERATION, as it must have a beginning date and ending date or it's just sitting there for no purpose! Perhaps a new add-in interface that, opts to "convert note to task / iteration" or even further using AgilePM: "convert notebook to Epic" or "convert notebook to Story." Thank you, Mario F Stevenson
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