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  1. This morning I got a conflict on my Mac copy of EV on an activity log note, where I absolutely dont want to lose any of the entries I've made in the file. I make very important decisions on the entries in this note. To avoid conflicts, I am constantly manually syncing my various copies of Evernote. I use EV on two laptops (Mac & Win), on a few virtual machines, two IOS devices, and two or three androids. Some of these different copies of evernote get far out of sync as some aren't used very much, others are often used within minutes of each other. Sometimes I dont have internet handy when I need to use one of them and can't sync it. I now paying $20 extra month on my cell phone for hotspot to make sure I can always update EV. To solve the conflict: * Cutting and pasting the two notes into text editors, then saving * make a new folder to save the two note versions into, * make sure I actually saved one of each version, * then start p4merge * manually select both files into the two entires of the p4merge compare file dialog * click the compare button Discover that p4merge says there are no differences. Redo the whole process above just to make sure I got it right.... Now I regularly deal with diffs and revision control. But to have to go through the above set of steps is ridiculous. I have many friends to whom I have recommended EV for their use. But some of them are novice computer users, or they have limited mobility, and trying to talk them through the above series of steps (plus taking them through downloading p4merge to make sure they have a diff tool) would be very painful, if even possible at all. And I just noticed for first time a conflict folder from two weeks ago with three notes which are also activity logs for another project. I have heavily updated those acitvity log notes since the conflict. Lots of fun to try to figure those out. EV should make it easy to do a simple compare of any two notes. I can't imagine this would take more than 3-4 man-days for one of their experienced devs.
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