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  1. I kept asking for a work around to cause Sync sooner. Chat support suggested installing the legacy Evernote. According to this, they can work side by side on the same machine..... trying this now... Installing legacy evernote: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314 Chat support suggested I solve the issue by logging in and out of evernote. I am surprised they didnt ask me if I was running genuine Mac OSX. I have installed the legacy app. it appears to have gotten busy syncing it's own collection of my notes. It completed pretty quickly. I
  2. i just wasted a lot of time looking for the missing Sync button and came to this thread. I liked a few other messages in the thread, and was just told I can't like any more messages today. A pox on whoever thought it appropriate to throttle a paying customer (me) like that. I need the sync button because I just emailed myself two different notes, and I have had to wait 9 minutes to get the second note, which i wasted with searching for the sync button. I am sure I could have had this second important note in my email within 30 seconds to a minute if I had been able to click the syn
  3. I am losing sketches today made with pencil on iPad, with Evernote 10.5 1110155. I am also apparently getting problems syncing, and now cant save the sketches to photos, which was working fine last night.
  4. This morning I got a conflict on my Mac copy of EV on an activity log note, where I absolutely dont want to lose any of the entries I've made in the file. I make very important decisions on the entries in this note. To avoid conflicts, I am constantly manually syncing my various copies of Evernote. I use EV on two laptops (Mac & Win), on a few virtual machines, two IOS devices, and two or three androids. Some of these different copies of evernote get far out of sync as some aren't used very much, others are often used within minutes of each other. Sometimes I dont have internet hand
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