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  1. I've got EN Personal and EN Business. Two issues! 1. When in EN on desktop over a week ago I've experienced sync issues only on my business account. I switch over to the personal account without closing out and the personal sync works smoothly. I am able to sync using the sync from the dropdown > file > sync or by clicking the sync button on the icon menu. However, I go back to business and neither work...it may work intermittently. I've done a full removal via software to remove recommended by EN support team. I've installed the software both from the App Store and as recommen
  2. After scanning a business card in the Evernote app on iPhone and pressing save there is the choice to "Email my contact info" Where is "my contact info" being retrieved; a place in Evernote or my contact address book from the mobile device? The contact information contained in the email to the recipient is not the information I want to forward or share. It is my old company, email, and phone number.
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