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  1. Ok, I didn't now the mail protocol don't keep order. So, I was able to understand a little. My account can send 250 mail per day, but I need send over 300 pictures per day (but file size is very small), so even if I send pictures one by one and merge note, I reach a limiting value... Perhaps, I can control the amount of pictures, I will try suggested solution. Thanks for your advice!
  2. Hello, I would like to add new note through email. My note have a text and some pictures and the picture was sorted and order is very important. I send new note with some pictures and the order is lexical order by filename( xxx_p1.jpg, xxx_p2.jpg, xxx_p3.jpg, xxx_p4.jpg). I can create a new note with same pictures, but out of order. And the order is poorly understood. Because, these pictures order is this. xxx_p4.jpg, xxx_p1.jpg, xxx_p3.jpg, xxx_p2.jpg the other case (send yyy_p1.jpg, yyy_p2.jpg, yyy_p3.jpg, yyy_p4.jpg pictures) is that, yyy_p3.jpg, yyy_p4.jpg, yyy_p2.jpg, yyy_p1.jpg xxx_p4, yyy_p4, yyy_p1 is big picture, the other picture is smaller. So, first case is ( big, small, small, small ), second case is ( big, small, big, small ). (Big picture mean large canvas size and files size) It's beyond me. let me know how to create new note through email with correct order. Thank you for your help ( I check my sent mail's source, and I make sure of the all images was correct order in sent mail)
  3. Thanks for your reply! Sorry, I want to get a 'evernote:///' link and not want to a shortcut. Because I'm usually linking a associated note that like a draft note for blog and some document. Additionally, I get a link and save to other apps (like todo apps). I use a 'evernote://' link on any platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) in the same way. So, I need a 'evernote:///' link. I use Evernote 5.7 so I can't find that menu... ( I find a getting 'https' link :-( But it's a good news! I look forward to next update!
  4. Hi! I want to get a 'evernote:///' link for particular note on android. But, in the shere menu, I get a https:// link only. Could you tell me how to get a 'evernote:///' link?
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