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  1. Thanks for your reply! Sorry, I want to get a 'evernote:///' link and not want to a shortcut. Because I'm usually linking a associated note that like a draft note for blog and some document. Additionally, I get a link and save to other apps (like todo apps). I use a 'evernote://' link on any platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) in the same way. So, I need a 'evernote:///' link. I use Evernote 5.7 so I can't find that menu... ( I find a getting 'https' link :-( But it's a good news! I look forward to next update!
  2. Hi! I want to get a 'evernote:///' link for particular note on android. But, in the shere menu, I get a https:// link only. Could you tell me how to get a 'evernote:///' link?
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