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  1. cshiling, you are not just a guru, but a god to me !!!! I had started to accept that I have to live with this issue (ugly red exclamation mark in the syn arrows), as none of any pointers I had received worked. I would have wished to find this page earlier (and believe me, I googled a lot about this problem ... in the past ...). Even the evernote helpdesk advice did not work. And to be frank, seeing how easily this problem can be solved, makes me almost sick considering what I tried and the time I spent on trying to ... Dear all, just to complement what cshiling pointed out in form of a recipe that worked for me (evernote user on Windows with no admin rights, evernote Premium). hold CTRL key while hitting the sync button --> a list of "conflicting" notes appears in the folder list. If your view is not configured to show the folder list, hit F11 and start again --> in my case (luckily 2 conflicting notes magically appeared !!) hit the erase button of one the conflicting note or move the note to another notebook (if erase does not work) create a new note --> the "conflicting" notes disappeared and the new note showed up in the folder delete the new note & go to the thrash folder, merge the new note and the conflicting note or (if you could move the conflicting note): go to the target folder and merge the note there dependent on the utility of the previously 'conflicting" note information: either delete the merged note or edit and use to your further liking repeat 1 through 5 for each "conflicting note" (I hope you have a manageable number) celebrate: the next sync (either triggered by hitting sync button or wait for the automatic synchronisation) removes the exclamation mark! Good luck to all! Rainer
  2. Dear all, I have been struggling with this issue for a while now including a less enlightning intermezzo with the evernote support. But that is another story. Today I downloaded the installer from the evernote website and wanted to give it another try. Launching the installer after the download threw the classical "log file not writable" / "bootstrap" error. I came across this post and was able to locate the "log file" in C:\Users\<myname>\AppData\Local\Temp as KenNaples pointed out above. I am not sure that this is the cure (as I tried several things) but Evernote installed the update without throwing any of the "log file not writable" / "bootstrap" error. Working on a Windows 8 laptop with no admin rights i checked the properties of the logfile, EvernoteSetup.log, and unchecked "hidden". Next I looked up the ownership of the file by right-clicking >> security >> username --> (to change permission, click) edit. This opened a permission window which had all boxes checked besides "special permission". I (did not do anything, but) closed this window with OK, and exited the properties dialogue window with OK. Next to the log file i realised the Evernote.msi. Clicking on it, launched the installation process and it completed without further ado. I have no evidence that the unhidding, and properties OK-OK helped resolving the issue ... But with my next update / version re-install, I will certainly start from here and avoid the downloaded Evernote_n.n.n.xxxx.exe. Hope this helps! It worked for me. Rainer P.S. Of course I would also appreciate, if somebody at evernote would really resolve this ticket. I had my fist in the pockets since almost a year now ... Good luck, if you copy this "procedure".
  3. Dear all, is there a way to dis-able the automatic drop-down and whatever-evernote-does when keying in a search term? To be frank, this feature introduced end of last year is destroying my 'pleasant' user experience with evernote. Whenever using the search function, keying in the first characters (or term) triggers a drop-down with the recent / saved 'similar' searches and makes my evernote stall for quite some time (recently for almost a minute) (c.f. attached snapshot). I can understand that this feature requires evernote to run through the notes and/or recent search history to help the user, and with a considerable number of notes this takes time. What is extremely annoying is the fact that I cannot even help to shrink the search (script) universe by keying in further search words as I am stuck in the aforementioned stall. I run evernote on Windows and have around 3500 notes spread over 10 notebooks. My primary notebook / most frequently used contains around 2000 notes. I suspected in the beginning that the 'symptoms' described above were related to this notebook and the fact that I hit a certain performance ceiling. However, the "search stall" has become a constant annoying feature in all notebooks. I really like working with evernote and would love to learn 1.) how to disable this search feature; 2.) whether there is a recommended not-to-exceed number of notes per notebook 3.) how to efficiently organise notes to avoid this feature or help the evernote search function to perform better. Thanks for shedding some light on me ! Servus from Brussels, Rainer
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