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  1. cshiling, you are not just a guru, but a god to me !!!! I had started to accept that I have to live with this issue (ugly red exclamation mark in the syn arrows), as none of any pointers I had received worked. I would have wished to find this page earlier (and believe me, I googled a lot about this problem ... in the past ...). Even the evernote helpdesk advice did not work. And to be frank, seeing how easily this problem can be solved, makes me almost sick considering what I tried and the time I spent on trying to ... Dear all, just to complement what cshiling pointed out in form of a recipe that worked for me (evernote user on Windows with no admin rights, evernote Premium). hold CTRL key while hitting the sync button --> a list of "conflicting" notes appears in the folder list. If your view is not configured to show the folder list, hit F11 and start again --> in my case (luckily 2 conflicting notes magically appeared !!) hit the erase button of one the conflicting note or move the note to another notebook (if erase does not work) create a new note --> the "conflicting" notes disappeared and the new note showed up in the folder delete the new note & go to the thrash folder, merge the new note and the conflicting note or (if you could move the conflicting note): go to the target folder and merge the note there dependent on the utility of the previously 'conflicting" note information: either delete the merged note or edit and use to your further liking repeat 1 through 5 for each "conflicting note" (I hope you have a manageable number) celebrate: the next sync (either triggered by hitting sync button or wait for the automatic synchronisation) removes the exclamation mark! Good luck to all! Rainer
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