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  1. Just saying that this is a feature that I, too, have missed.
  2. I've had several editor problems on Android over, say, the past year, but this is the first time I'm posting, so I'll restrict myself to the current problem. I use the Mac app at home; I'm currently at OS version 10.10.5 and Evernote version 6.7.1. I created a note on the Mac that is basically one long bullet list. When I try to edit, I get a message that says "This note contains some unsupported formatting". When I hit '?', I get a msg saying, "This version of Evernote does not support inline editing of webclips. Tap each individual part to edit the content." But there were never any webclips in this note. I find myself wondering whether the "unsupported" functionality is strikethroughs. But these are supported on the Mac and in the Browser, and since Evernote is supposed to be cross-platform, it seems to me this should be supported. Certainly, the strike-through items on the bullet list display properly on Android. I can alter an item in the bullet list, but cannot add one, change indentation level, and so on. I don't think I had this problem in the past, though I did have other problems. These got fixed over time, but there have been fairly long periods (weeks, at least) when I couldn't work on Android, and moreover when an attempt to do so corrupted the formatting of the file even on the Mac. It appears that another such period is beginning. This is rather disheartening. Evernote is a good app in several ways, but it does not inspire confidence that the basic functionality is not rock-solid. If it were, I'd be willing to pay for even the basic functionality.
  3. Newbie here. A search for "Google Docs Web Clipper" turned up over 700 threads, so I apologize in advance for not having read them all. Anyway, I wanted to try a presentation based on a Google doc. What I want to do is: Browse to a Google Doc I own Clip it with the Chrome Web Clipper Sync to the Mac App In the Mac App, annotate it Present it with annotationsIssues: I was having trouble getting it to do what I wanted, so a few times, after step 3 above and attempts at 4, I deleted the note in the app. Following this, new attempts to clip appeared to succeed, but the App wouldn't sync -- the doc no longer became available in the Mac App following a sync.After closing and reopening the Mac App, multiple copies from the earlier tries showed upThis was kind of a bore, but not my main issue(s) Prior to attempts to annotate, I tried a presentation with the document as downloaded.I tried the "spacebar" method of skipping to the next section of the docIt's a multipage doc, with headers, images, etc. The spacebar took me halfway down the first page, but on repeated presses, no further.Also a bore, but also not my main issue(s). I can always scroll.Attempting to annotate, I could annotate the first page, but there was no way to scroll the doc down past the first page to continue annotating.Thus, I could not do what I wanted at all.Summary: Sync failed. Presentation failed. Annotation failed.All in all a disappointment. But if there are workarounds, I'd like to hear them.
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