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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm assuming you still have control of the account, right?  If not you need to contact Evernote support to reclaim your account. 

    This problem is exactly what 2FA (2 factor Authentication) is for.  If you have control of the account enable 2FA.  Authy works fine, as does 1Password which is what I now use.  Any logins from new devices are blocked unless you allow them.  I don't know how your passwords were compromised but change them to something secure, say 8 to 12 random characters.  After that you should have no problems. 


  2. Hi,

    Back in April (I think) the spell checker on the Windows application started flagging every contraction (you know, words that no one in real life uses like "can't") as misspelled.  I reported it as a bug but 8 months later the problem is unchanged.  Am I the only one seeing this problem or does everyone see it? 

    I can't figure out why they can't fix a bug that they introduced in an update.  Previously contractions worked fine. 


  3. I fixed this by getting an SSD and putting Windows, the ProgramData folder, and AppData folder (which includes the Evernote DB) on the SSD.  Switching from a 7 year old PC to a new much more powerful one didn't help, but now with the SSD the problem has 95% disappeared.  BTW the SSD also made just about everything else run  much faster.  It's the most cost effective expenditure I've ever made to improve my experience on my desktop. 

    However I still agree with everyone else.  We shouldn't have to buy an SSD to get reasonable performance.  Evernote should stop focusing on flashy new features and spend some time fixing the myriad bugs and making sure the performance is reasonable. 


  4. Hi,

     HATE the feature where a thumbnail of an image from the document is displayed in the snipit.  I often have long titles that I want to see and when a thumbnail is displayed I loose so much of the title text that I often have to open a note just to see what the title is.  It's particularly aggravating when the thumbnail is just the generic PDF icon.  I can use other list views but none of them are as good as the snipit view.  I'd like to see an option or other way to disable thumbnails in snipits.  


  5. Hi,

    I HATE the feature where a thumbnail of an image from the document is displayed in the list of notes.  I often have long titles that I want to see and when a thumbnail is displayed I loose so much of the title text that I often have to open a note just to see what the title is.  It's particularly aggravating when the thumbnail is just the generic PDF icon.  Is there any way to turn the thumbnails off?  

    Also, I have the same question re the information that shows up to the right of the tags of a note.  Sometimes it's an arbitrarily selected URL, sometimes it's a location, and I think I've seen other things there as well.  It's never anything I want to see and it takes space that I need to see tags for the note.  Can that be disabled?  


    Evernote Screen.jpg

  6. Hi,
    I've had a new Pixel phone (running Android 7.1.1) for several weeks and Evernote has been working fine with absolutely no problems.  On 12/24/2016 Evernote 7.9.8 installed and immediately Evernote started malfunctioning to the point of uselessness.  
    The problems are:
    1) When listing the notes available almost always the screen shows no notes.  That also happens if I touch All Notes, Notebooks, Shared, Tags, or several Shortcuts I've tried.  
    2) In the rare instance I can click on a note to view it I always get a blank screen.  When that happens the app is dead, i.e. totally unresponsive, and sometimes after that it crashes.  I've submitted several reports.  
    3) Sometimes sync never ends, sometime it completes successfully.  
    40 On 12/25/2016 ~9:30 pm it worked briefly, just a few minutes, but then it reverted to the same behavior.  
    Evernote on my PC with my Evernote database is working fine.  I've synced my notes across several PCs with no problems.  The only problem is on Android.  
    I Rebooted the phone & uninstalled & installed Evernote to no avail.  When I reinstalled it took maybe 15 min. to load everything and then all appeared well, but as soon as I viewed a note it displayed as empty and then again Evernote stopped working.  My phone is otherwise working perfectly and I have a good WiFi connection to the Net via a fast and reliable FiOS connection.  
    When I log into the web site I can't find any way to contact the Evernote Help Desk or otherwise report a problem.  Also I can't find a place to download previous versions when a new release is broken.  For $45 a year for a Premium license they must provide something but so far it's eluded me.  
    I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me how to reach Evernote support or direct me to the previous version of the apk that worked fine.  In fact I'd appreciate any suggestions because right now for me Evernote is dead in the water on my phone and I really need to get it working again.  


  7. Hi,


    For anyone who stumbles on this topic in the future, I used the converter suggested by JMichael and it worked fine.  Since I used MemoLeaf keywords on my T5, I wrote an awk script to pick the most important MemoLeaf keyword and make it an Evernote tag.  I also converted the non-unique MemoLeaf keywords to unique ones (e.g. 2005 => 2005K, Jack => JackK) so I could search on the keywords without getting other cruft.  I've just completed the conversion to Evernote and am very happy with the results. 



  8. Everyone,


    Thanks so much for your help.  I must say that your responses have been more helpful and complete than any I've received from queries I've posted on other support forums.  Even though Evernote's documentation appears to be completely inadequate, the help that's availble here should more than make for that.  I'm sure there's enough information in your responses that I'll be able to complete my conversion successfully. 


    Regards to all,


  9. Hi,


    I want to import about 1,700 notes from my Tungsten T5 PDA into Evernote on my Win 7 PC for access from my Android Nexus 4 phone.  I have the Palm Desktop files on my PC, and I've used a different product to extract the notes into text files.  There's a file for each note, with the file name (as well as the first line of each file) indicating the title of the note. 


    I can find no documentation whatsoever on Evernote web site indicating the format Evernote expects on import.  In particular I need to know what character set is used, what is assumed re file names (is 1 note per file acceptable?  Does the file name have any effect or is it ignored?), how to represent the tags for each note, and how to specify the Notebook a note resides in. 




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