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  1. Yes, the web and all the EN applications on all my devices are displaying the proper limit status (even the macbook): 61% remaining with 9 days remaining.
  2. Hi BSR, thank you for the response. I was running Evernote Version 6.4 (452969 Direct). I tried your suggestion of logging out of EN, rebooting the computer, and logging back in, but it didn't work. I just updated to version 6.6 and again tried logging out, rebooting, logging in, and editing a note--but again I got the pop up. I'm running OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks on a 2012 Retina Macbook Pro. And I am logged into the same account on all my devices and the web. I found it actually lets me delete characters, it just won't let me type new characters. It also lets me create new notes, it just won't let me type in them. And these changes do still sync to my other devices. I should also note that leading up to this issue, I occasionally saw a pop up in EN on my Macbook warning me that I was close to my limit. But I believe I checked my account and saw the discrepancy, so I paid it little mind. I guess I thought it was bluffing. Also, Evernote version 6.4 works fine on my Mac Mini (I will soon be updating to v6.6 on that machine as well). The Mini, however, is running OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan. Could it be an issue with Mavericks then? The problem is, though, I can't update my Macbook's OS because I use it for work and the applications I use are either incompatible or have issues with newer versions of OS X. If nothing else, I suppose I could wait 10 days until my monthly limit resets and hope that fixes the issue. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Thank you!
  3. Hi, Evernote on my Mac has stopped letting me edit or create notes. When I try to type, a message pops up and says I've reached my upload limit. But when I look at my account info in the client settings, it says I have 37 MB (61%) remaining this month. On the web app and on my iOS devices it says the same, but I AM able to edit and make new notes from those. Only my Mac client won't let me edit/create notes. I've emptied the trash on the Mac client, and I've restarted the application and my computer, and re-synced. No change. Any help would be appreciated so I can start using my EN Mac client again!
  4. Ok, the bug is still there but I was able to get around it. Pretty simple actually. Per this guy's suggestion... https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34095-evernote-blocks-on-mac-when-1-full-screen-mode-2-popup-message/ I force quit Evernote. Turned off network access. Restarted Evernote. Exited full screen. Turned on network access. Waited for the popup. Then I was able to dismiss the popup and reenter full screen.
  5. This is a big problem. I'm having this same issue on my Mac. But for me there is no amount of time after the application starts in which I can toggle out of full screen. However, I am able to get to the dialog box "is your email still [email address]" by assigning Evernote to a desktop screen, then clicking on the Evernote application icon in my dock. The dialog box then appears in that desktop screen. BUT I am unable to press any buttons on it to dismiss it. No clicks register in the box. So as of now my Evernote application is unusable. I'm not sure what to do here.
  6. Another pleading vote for an audio note creation shortcut button! Or be able to customize which shortcuts you want for those 5 buttons.
  7. Is this the official place to make feature requests? If so, I too would REALLY like the ability to change the 'created date' of a note in the iPad app as well as in the iPhone app. I regularly transfer previously written notes into Evernote, and this inability in the iOS app is what keeps me from breaking free of my desktop. Please please add. And yes, linking notes would also be a great feature in the iOS app.
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