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  1. + 10 !!! for this, PLEASE add this (basic) functionality for Evernote Mac!
  2. Me neither. I discovered this, because I did not want to create a new Notebook for Postach.io but instead prefer to use my existing Diary. Of course a diary should be Private - i don't want to have the whole world read what my inner thoughts are. But sometimes I write something that can be shared and those posts/notes I want to publish on Postach.io. Therefore I need to makes those notes Public, which in my opinion, can only be done by going to Menu > Note > Share > Copy Shared URL.
  3. If you see no posts, there can be several reasons. 1. The notebook you are publishing from, is not Public. That's not a problem: you do not need to make the entire notebook public.Simply make the post(s) you want to appear on pistachio as Public: Menu > Note > Share > Copy Shared URL.Now this specific note is Public and you can tag is with "published" and it will appear on Postach.io 2. Sometimes, Postach.io has the hick-ups and just won't show any posts, no matter what you try. One workaround is to do a search in Evernote for all posts tagged "published, then select them all.They'll go on a heap at the right side of your screen.Now you can easily remove the tag "published from all of them in one go.!!! Tag them all as "Unpublished !!!Sync Evernote.Then put the tag "published" back on again and remove the tag "Unpublished".Sync again.And voila, everything is there again on Postach.io!
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