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  1. Hi, I am prepared to look stupid for asking this question but: I've searched all over for a way to download or create a Penultimate page that is longer than the default and have come up empty. For years I have used OneNote on a Windows convertible tablet, but the combination of Penultimate and the Jot Script gets me really close to not needing to lug around a larger device that is basically used just for note taking... with this one exception. I'm in a lot of meetings for various projects related to the team I run at my company. So as it relates to note-taking, what I typically do is create a "page" for a specific meeting or project, and keep all of the notes associated with it on that page. Which works fine in OneNote and other apps, but in Penultimate it drives me insane that I have to keep flipping to new "pages" as the discussion progresses. That makes reviewing the notes, assigning action items, creating related proposals and all those kinds of things incredibly clumsy. All I want is the ability to have a very long page length so that I don't have to do that. This seems like an extremely basic function that I am apparently too dumb to figure out. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks, ---Mike
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