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  1. I am premium, so that is not a problem. If I upload only the original PDF file, when I search all notes, the note comes up the the PDF file, but I then have to open the actual PDF with an external program and then do the search again. I'd prefer to do the search and have the actual pages show up in the results of the search. Are there any settings where if a note with PDF file has the text, the page of that PDF is displayed? The only way I know to do this is with e JPG file in Evernote - so I would convert my PDF to JPG in the lowest resolution that can still be read by Evernote and then upload the pages. Got to be a better way?
  2. I have about 40 cookbooks in PDF/MOBI/EPUB formats and I would like to have the information from each book in Evernote in a formal to which I can input keywords and the actual result in Evernote is a page from the cookbook I have uploaded. The goal would be I could look up for example "lamb" and the results would be pages from all of my cookbooks where lamb is a part of the recipe. I am thinking I need to convert each individual page to JPG format and then upload. Is this the only solution? In addition, if the only solution is a JPG file for each page of the book, can anyone recommend a program to automatically handle this conversion? To me, this is the kind of second brain kind of work I am looking for from Evernote. Many thanks for anyone that can help me turn this dream into reality! ; )
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