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  1. Yes, I support this idea. We need H1, H2, H3 at a minimum.
  2. Thanks for the responses. Any interruption, such unwanted tooltips, popups, etc., that disrupts the normal flow of using the app is harassment to me, especially if that disturbance's purpose is to advertise. Personally, I'm just not a fan of ads in apps - it's a big turn off. I believe there are lots of other options to monetize a fine product, which I believe Evernote is. I guess my purpose of my original post was to convey that I don't care much for the interruptions and I'd be willing to pay to get rid of them.
  3. Thanks, you nailed it. I'm talking about the "Presentation mode - Premium...". I assume there will be more harassment until I purchase Premium. But it sounds like that might be the only tooltip for now, which makes me feel better. The Windows client has the ad down to the bottom-left, I understand I have to pay for Premium to make that go away. I don't want to see the announcements, marketplace, or make Evernote your own on any of my devices if possible, but it seems that each of these can be selectively removed on some but not all devices. It would be nice if there was a blend between Apple Notes (simple, clean, but very limited) and Evernote (robust, but close to being Adware). Thank you.
  4. If I upgrade my account to Premium (which I don't need by the way), will you stop bugging me with announcements, ads, tool tips I don't care about in on my iPhone? Otherwise, I don't see the point. Thanks.
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