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  1. It all depends on your device. Some Android devices will not let you turn the shutter sound off, because in certain countries, electronic cameras are required to make noise, as a countermeasure against subway creepers using them to do up-skirt shots & such.
  2. Just to do a little more testing, I tested my Bluetooth keyboard in other apps, including Facebook, Quickoffice, OneNote, and so on. Cursoring around in those apps seemed to work fine. It's Evernote that has the freaky cursor.
  3. I can't replicate the issue without it. Oh, and I'm also using Swiftkey as my keyboard app of choice - it still lets me use its predictions when I have the hard Bluetooth keyboard running.
  4. OK, I'm running Evernote on my Nexus 7 (2nd gen, 2013 version), running the newest version of Kitkat, and the most up-to-date version of Evernote that's on Google Play. For the most part, Evernote works great - I use the app a lot, specifically for note-taking for my grad school classes, and for a hundred other purposes. But there's an irritating bug or feature. In other software, including Quickoffice on the same Nexus 7, the arrow keys behave the way I'd expect them to behave - where left arrow moves the cursor left one character, right arrow moves right one character, up arrow moves up one line, and down arrow moves down one line. Evernote's editor doesn't work that way. Up arrow sometimes moves up one line, or moves up several lines. Same with down arrow. Left arrow sometimes doesn't wrap - when I hit left when the text cursor's on the left edge of the text, it doesn't wrap to the right side of the next line up. It just behaves unpredictably and annoyingly. How do I fix this? Or is it a new way of working the arrow keys that I don't understand? Or are the arrow keys just buggy in this app?
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