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  1. Bingo. I was opening Help and then holding Option. Reversing the order works. I see the database and I'm good to go. Thank you for the quick responses!
  2. This is what I see in my Evernote Legacy on the Mac: There's no Troubleshooting option, whether I hold down Option key or not.
  3. I've run multiple searches of these forums, and checked the FAQ here: Unfortunately, I can't find an answer on where Evernote Legacy (7.14.1) stores the database locally. I'd like to back it up just for peace of mind, and have done this multiple times in the past. But I can't find the DB under ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/ anymore, and no options seem to appear when holding down Option and going through menu choices in the UI. Any advice?
  4. Completely agree. I'm rolling back to older version due to the lag. The speed of Evernote is one of its greatest assets. This NEEDS to be resolved.
  5. OK, thanks for quick reply. Will look forward to future enhancements as the app develops! Chris
  6. Just received my Apple Watch yesterday, and I'm trying to figure out the formatting of To-Dos on the Watch app. I have an "Errands" note in my standard Evernote. It's a series of checkboxes separated by headers (freetext without checkboxes). e.g. Groceries [] A [] B [] C Hardware Store [] D [] E [] F Yet when I view the note on the Watch, all I see is the checkboxes, no headers. It's a single list from A-F. How can I format my Evernotes so that I can have several lists of checkboxes with freetext inbetween? Thanks, Chris
  7. Scott - thanks for the quick reply! Yup, I see the files under the new location. Exactly what I needed. Cheers!
  8. I've done a search on the forum, checked the Evernote Preferences, done a general Google search, and I'm drawing a blank. They used to be under /Users/xxx/Library/Application Support/Evernote. However, when I go there now, all I see under "Evernote" is a folder called "quick-note". I regularly back up my entire Evernote database, where should I find it now? Thanks, Chris
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