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  1. The app work properly... but That "sub window" does not hidden or slide. It' s blocked. I see partially what there is under.
  2. I use EN on SM-P605. I dont able to resize or hide the home (see attachment). Thank you Daniele
  3. Scenario... I'm using Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 I flipping a website... I want to take a note... using my s-pen I select an area, I (hand)write a comment ...I make "share with". But I want to store a new Notes ... I would like to add to an existing note. Now... I have some ways: Way A) I share the scraap on a s-note synced with Evernote => ISSUE : https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/53082-sync-with-s-note-samsung-p605-generate-too-little-pictures/ Way I share scraap with Evernote => ISSUE : create a new note. Way C) I share scraap with Skitch => ISSUE : create a new skitch and/or note. There's a way to append the scraap on an existing note? bye!
  4. Hi to all I have Samsung SM-P605 with S-Note installed and synched with a evernote account. When I make syncronization I have two issues: - the notes are too small to see it on screen (i.e. on my 15.6 monitor) - all notes go inside default "Personal" notebook. It's possibile... - see the notes in a readable way - choice the destination notebook inside evernote? thank you in advance for your time. regards db
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