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  1. When I contacted support they recommended uninstalling and re-installing Evernote Touch; when I did that, it corrected this problem, but started another (notes would not sync without program crashing). So, I uninstalled and reinstalled it again, and everything seems to be working now. Wish I could provide a more helpful solution...
  2. I'm messing around with OneNote right now, and it doesn't seem to be having the same issue. I'll put in a support request as you recommended. Thanks for the thought!
  3. I've been using Evernote on a Microsoft Surface 2 for about 3 weeks now, and have had a consistent problem with the carriage returns on the bottom of the note. For example, if I'm typing a note and pause for a few seconds, my cursor will automatically go to the very bottom of whatever note I'm working in, and it skips a line as though 'Enter' gets hit once. This will repeat ~every 10 seconds until I manually go back up to wherever I was typing, and make sure to type rapidly enough so that I don't get sent back to the bottom. It's an annoying feature... Anyone else had this issue/figured out a way around it? Evernote on my Mac Laptop and Windows Desktop are still working normally, as always. Thanks, -sam
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