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  1. I like to use bullets for numbers and checkboxes on each line in some notes. I can built this note on my windows program and read it on my Note 3. Everything reads fine on the Note 3 until I make changes and then the check boxes and bullet numbers separate onto separate lines. So a line like this: (check box) information line. (check box) information line.Turns into this: (check box) information line. 1. (check box) information line. 2. Then when it syncs on my desktop it looks like the second group. Can we not put bullets and checkboxes on the same line on the desktop and have it on the android as well?
  2. I also found that opening mapclipper.com up on the note3 with chrome that the black area of the mapclipper takes up 90 percent of the window, if you turn it on it's side the black area will only take up about 50 percent. I do some research and fixing locations on a GPS units for a transportation company, and it would be nice to use this to clip maps at locations and follow up later on my Android.
  3. If you open the note up on an Android phone, select the map with your finger that you want to know the lat and long, then select view, then select details, it will show you the lat and long of the pin on that map.
  4. If you save a map to a note, or even two maps, you can put your mouse over the saved mapped, and the lat and long will show up at the bottom bar of the note. It will show the lat and long of where you have the pin set on the map.
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