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  1. I like evernote for small one-off things. For larger topics where content spans multiple notes, OneNote is a clear winner. The hierarchical organization of books, sections, pages, indented pages makes capturing / sharing / reviewing information immensely easier. The problem with OneNote is it's tied to the web or windows platform. I'd probably move to OneNote entirely if there were Mac / PC / web / mobile versions. The web version can be a bit sluggish when switching between content pages / notes, which is a huge usability problem (where EverNote wins with responsive native app support for multi-platforms). Similarly, I would move away from OneNote to EverNote if they could add some basic organization features for multiple notes (multi-page & section / topic, plus easier support for text indentation within a note). Neither company seems to budge. Kind of wish there was an alternative that met both needs. I'd probably be willing to pay double what I am now for EN. Similar comments from another user: http://www.quepublishing.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1847318&seqNum=3
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