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  1. I took a course in college a few years ago about how we are giving our lives away to a "big brother-ish" future. Many of you will contradict, I am sure. Or, have accepted it. So have I. I have mobile devices, wi-fi, computers, you name it. Lots of apps. What I don't get is why I can't say "No, I dont want any of these outfits looking at my life and playing with my things in my--well, ok, Evernote's--sandbox. I understand cookies and ad tracking, and all of the malicious things that the "bad" geeks are doing. This is another animal to me. Give me carte blanche to say I do not want any outsiders looking at my stuff, or messing with it, and I would jump on this. I am very sad that I cannot feel safe using this program. I have nothing to hide. I lead a boring life. But what is mine, I like to keep mine. Back to the naive part. I understand that other third parties collect METADATA: Fine. I, personally, don't, however, know of other apps dipping into my stuff, and actually connecting it to my personal info. Apps messing with, if they wish, until I catch them, and say No You can't do that. And, I do not like having to opt out over and over. Opt out once, and I would feel swell about this. I am very disappointed that I can't comfortably use a program that could have changed my whole lifestyle. I am a writer, historian and interested in lots of stuff. It's just a shame that I have to give this up. I can't get an understanding that would make me feel comfortable in this written forum. Thank you Randy p.s. I suppose this is not done on these forums. Moderator: please cut only this p.s.if it is inappropriate. If there is anyone who lives in the Twin Cities, Mn area and is willing to coffee with me and my wife 66 and 68 and harmless, I would welcome it. Maybe someone explaining in person would me understand.
  2. Thanks Jbenson2, but the second link, in particular, feels like I will have no control over my information or privacy; that my information will disappear at will, and me to, maybe, if they don't like what I am up to. This makes me sad. I was so looking forward to using this app. But Thanks Randy p.s. I encourage all of you to read the second link.
  3. I downloaded Evernote and was on my way!! I did the don't-read-but-accept routine on the permissions. I was so excited about the app's potential that I encouraged my wife to download. She is a different variety, and reads the small print. What she read to me scared the bejeebers out of us. Some examples: Evernote can take pictures, and record audio "without your confirmation." The rest are pretty scary, too. If you are unfamiliar with all this, make like you are going to start a new Evernote account, start the download process up to the "Accept Permissions" Should we be as scared as we are? Thanks Randy I'm down to three more posts for the day, in case this should become a hot topic, I may have to shut up until tomorrow. Thank Randy
  4. Duh!! Thanks. Or so I thought. I logged out of iPhone Evernote. Won't let me back in with new account ID. Says invalid. I am being real careful. Would it help to discard the app and re-download from App Store, do you think? Thanks Randy
  5. Newbie - First post-- no clue what's going on : I Have two accounts. One on my iPhone and the other on my computer. I started with the first account (Not much in it, but still would still like to transfer that content to the new account. The reason I have tow accounts is that I heard how great Evernote is, immediately started using it, then found an excellent book to help me do it right. The account on the computer defaults to my new account (GREAT--HERE I CAN START FROM SCRATCH). However, my iPhone defaults to my OLD account--which has content quite unorganized) Never the twain shall meet. So far I HAVE NOT downloaded Evernote to my Ipad, before seeing how this turns out. >>>>>>>>THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IS TO GET MY IPHONE TO DEFULT TO THE NEW ACCOUNT <<<<<<< (I won't download the IPAD app until I know it will default to the new account, as well. Can you please help me? Thank you Randy
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