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  1. OK, interesting.... I don't automatically associate tags with the ability to organize in a hierarchical structure. That being said, I can see the benifits and I’m going to give that a try to see how it works. That may make all the difference in my overall experience with this software. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. (first time poster here) - I've been trying EverNote for several months now... seeing if it is comfortable to use. In general, I really like it. I have to agree though, nested categories (regardless of terminology) is the one single downfall to the system. And it really is a huge one. If it's true that this has been a highly requested feature for many years, why in the world don't they find a way to deliver what people want? That doesn't make any sense to me. At least offer it as a 'paid' feature, or sell a plug-in we could install, or something.
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