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  1. I have done a google search but I still don't quite understand what is going on. I started using Evernote yesterday. The email address I signed up with is my main email address and I don't wish to use it with Evernote - I wish to change it to one which I don't use that often (just in case there is a security breach!). Which I have done (using the Windows Evernote app on my laptop). I also have the Android app on my smartphone. The Evernote app on my laptop is still showing my old email address, but when I hover over my old email address it shows the new one I changed it to. I want it to show the new email address all the time - I don't want to see the original email address when I first created an account with Evernote. The other problem is that my username is the first part of my original email address which I don't want - do I need a username (what is it used for?) and if I do, can I change it to something else? Everything was working as it should, syncing between laptop and mobile phone, I'm just wondering if I have messed something up and if it's possible to change my email back to what is was originally (which I don't really want) but if I have to then I will. Could someone tell me what I have to change and in what sequence on my laptop and mobile so that I only show one email address. What I would like is no trace of my original email address on the Evernote apps (windows and android). Do I need to delete cookies from my laptop for the old email imformation to be removed? I would also like all trace of my original email address deleted off the Evernote servers. I am most probably making a bigger deal out of this than I should, but if someone could explain what is happening that would be great. I only have basic computer skills, so please be patient Thanks
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