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  1. I use OneNote now. Luckily it is available for Mac now. Evernote is ridiculous for not even responding here. What I just noticed: This post ("idea") doesn't have any votes yet. Is this a new feature in the forum? Maybe voting would help more than just responding (again)?
  2. I have successfully created a workaround for moving bullet points on a Mac by automating the cut and paste key stroke combination. 1. Install http://www.keyboardmaestro.com/main/ 2. Create a "move line up" macro that looks like this 3. Create a "move line down" macro like this 4. If you don't want to mess up hot keys in other applications restrict your macro (I used Shift + Commant) to Evernote only: Alternatively just import the macro library that I created. Note: If using with several levels (of indent) it's a bit funky. Also it doesn't work with tasks. If you figure out a way how to
  3. This is a must have feature. Add my vote to all the requestors here.
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