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  1. I logged into to the foruns imediatly after update just to complain about this. This needs fixing ASAP, its pissing me off to an extent i can't convey. Btw someone please, how can i roll back an update? Ive been holding back updating since i saw so few changes, and now i profoundly regret it. I do huge texts on Evernote- its one of the things that sets it appart from other choices. This lack of attention for something so basic in a stable release (im not on beta) left me worried.
  2. Please, keep moving it foward... this is AMAZING! For my needs this is a lifesaver - i was even looking for alternatives to evernote to handle a project (the brainstorming side of it) since i needed to correlate notes (and was craving to do it visualy). I would happily pay to keep it afloat and updating I would love to see some mind-mapping features in this (theres lots of potential for that), but i know such features aren't a priority right now nor should they be, but keep that in mind for later on- that alone could make carddesk the best evernote companion, its a long wished feature. I gue
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