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  1. I logged into to the foruns imediatly after update just to complain about this. This needs fixing ASAP, its pissing me off to an extent i can't convey. Btw someone please, how can i roll back an update? Ive been holding back updating since i saw so few changes, and now i profoundly regret it. I do huge texts on Evernote- its one of the things that sets it appart from other choices. This lack of attention for something so basic in a stable release (im not on beta) left me worried.
  2. Please, keep moving it foward... this is AMAZING! For my needs this is a lifesaver - i was even looking for alternatives to evernote to handle a project (the brainstorming side of it) since i needed to correlate notes (and was craving to do it visualy). I would happily pay to keep it afloat and updating I would love to see some mind-mapping features in this (theres lots of potential for that), but i know such features aren't a priority right now nor should they be, but keep that in mind for later on- that alone could make carddesk the best evernote companion, its a long wished feature. I guess linking notes (a line or arrow between then) may be easier to add, but more then enougth for most needs. I tought of 3 simple features that could help organize various desks: -'Title': text boxes of a different type-face and bigger font size with limited characters, stored along each desk(that is, not stored on evernote). They could be used to describe something around a bunch of cards or, more obvious, as 'titles' for diferent groups of cards on the same desk. No need for anything else, users can separate groups laying out as it is, only thing ive missed was that. -Fold/unfold cards: minimizing a card to its title only(remaining only the bar on top of each card) and back to the previous card size. -Shortcuts: placed as icons anywhere on the desk, leading to another desk; Or grouping desks(creating sub-desks perhaps)- any sort of correlation between closely related desks.
  3. I love evernote; it changed the way i do lots of things, i tell about it to everyone i know (i should start using referrals perhaps), i use it daily, it easily sits amongst my most used apps. It doesnt have all the features id like in one place (reasons i use one note and others for things like mood boards) but i have hope it will sooner or later. Still i always think twice into going premium, and im always holded off. The reason is simple: the focus on Mac(and ios). Its almost unbelievable how long it took for evernote 5 to come to windows, or the android app to be updated, both platforms always behind; Theres a range of usefull apps for ios only that have long desired features- like handwriting, severely hindering its use on my tablet. To this day my evernote on windows hangs from time to time, sometimes at the worst times... Im passionate about many things that i love supporting, from donations to kickstarters, but seeing these performance hiccups still around and paying for something to be always behind on features is no-go for me. The sad thing is that is im tempted to go premium frequently, if it weren't such an amazing service id would have ditched it for alternatives long ago like i generaly do. Only thing holding me is this. Am i alone on this subject? Are there any official positions on why this is the case? Is the user base(or paying userbase) that much larger on ios/mac then on other platforms?
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