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  1. No i cant re-enable it !it is a key with no function!With an ipod touch i sync excellent!!But the android misses a lot of reminders
  2. Good morning to all sorry for my english.I am using evernote web and evernote android!In my phone i have installed the latest software via google play.I would like to use reminders more often and that is my problem.I make a reminder in evernote web for example 2 days later.I have always open my wifi in android phone and the phone allthough is in wifi the app is not syncing to catch the reminder!I went to the settings of the app but to change the sync behaviour and i take the screen in screenshot in the tab notes(cannot modify when device master syncing is disabled? i canot make any changes and in the tab sync frequency i cant make any changes how i will change the sync to make more often syncing?
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