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  1. Ever considered a calendar view for notes? All the data is there.
  2. Cancel that--I did just see a notification come it. It appeared only briefly, which is why I missed it before. I'm familiar with chatting in Skype, and the icon on the taskbar turns orange when you have an unread chat. Something like that would be helpful.
  3. When I receive a work chat message, I get a real time notification on my android phone, but there is no corresponding notification in Windows. The only notification I receive is in the form of an email that comes at least a half hour after the initial message was sent. It would seem that windows notifications would be very helpful as an option
  4. Can I add my voice to this chorus? I am encountering the same problem (text size issues, unreadable drop down menus) and thought it might be fixed in subsequent updates. So far, no changes or solutions that I can see. Please address this issue Evernote!
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