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  1. really - never wanted the ability to sort data in tables by categories, priority, date, anything?
  2. Well, you seem to like to dog EN for not having this feature & yet it would appear you did not do your due diligence before signing up. Evernote does not strive to be a word processor, a spreadsheet or even a robust task/to do list, even though they have some of the basic features. EN is a data collection, organization & retrieval tool. Feel free to submit a support request (see my sig below) to request a refund. AFAIK, EN has never refused a refund when someone is unhappy, unless you bought through iTunes, where that's a different matter. Good luck in finding an app that better suits your needs. Dear Burgers and Fries - I am not sure if you intended hubris in your reply, but there are only so many hours in the day to qualify feature sets, that in this case would be logical to include, and not that dificult to execute either - I gather you do not work for EN and per our research, it seems that attempting to inspire/convinece EN to add user features is not a good use of our time. A partner suggested we look at Jira and other code that may be more suitable and robust. Meanwhile, we will lower our expectations and take whatever usefullness we can garner from our upgrade to EN-pro.
  3. Sorting and other basic Table features have been requested by many for a long time (years). It is very difficult, if not impossible, to predict whether or not Evernote will ever respond to these requests. The best work-around I know is to copy the text or table from EN into a Word doc, and do the sort there. Copy from Word back to EN. This is copy/paste, not export/import. Evernote seems to respect the Word formatting of tables better than any other app. Why am I not surprised...? We wait until we sign up for pro level at Evernote, tender the $$ - and then something so seemingly obvious and simple as this feature instead an unsurmoutable bug built into their code - who wrote this? I gather a #fail in the underlying coding therefore in the too hard pile for them... This is such an essential part of information management - to have to do this with a workaround kluge externally gives me the take away that this company is not really 'ready for prime time' despite their runaway valuation - oh well - useful for now and not a lot of '$$ vs Saleforce or other automation software for business - but none the less - unimpressed with EN.
  4. Seeking improved EN functionaility: Unlike in a program like Word (outline), Excel, Google Docs, or Notebook (Circus Ponies-OSX) - it appears that there is no method by which I can move records in a table ( or in general) up and down, resorting by a tag field, or simply keystroking manually to revise record order. I do not want to export from EN to Excel, sort and reload if I can help it. Is this true that I cannot in EN??? Really no sorting tools in Evernote and Tables?? Surely EN most have something like this in the toolbox somewhere? I am praying for a simple keyboard command that allows me to be move records up and down. In complex tables, which can evolve into a less than optimal order, moving records around either by a tag, number or even alpha order is an essential content process. You can do this in a snap in the programs mentioned above in various ways - Notebook for the Circus Ponies being one of my favorites, which also enables nesting in its native outline mode. Any thoughts, workarounds or guidance would be most appreciated
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