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  1. My question was if Evernote has acknowledged the bug and if the user that has posted this topic ever found a solution. So the reason I'm posting here is just to get feedback from this person. I've contacted Evernote but still trying to figure out the problem.
  2. I'm having the same issue. Has anyone heard if Evernote is working on this or found a fix?
  3. I've submitted the form for beta testing and now it is asking me to join a group but I don't see an Android beta testing group anywhere. Does anyone have a direct link? Thanks, Ricky
  4. thanks for your help, I'll contact support. if anyone else uses evernote on the surface pro 2 please let me know.
  5. Why are the handwritten notes I create on my Surface Pro 2 so freakin huge when viewing on my Note 5? I mean its so damn zoomed in I can only view two words at a time. And Evernote barely lets you zoom out. So I'm creating a handwritten note on Evernote for Windows and then viewing it on my Note 5. Is there any way to fix this or should I be doing something differently? Now, handwritten notes on Android turn out perfect and there is no need to zoom out. Thanks, Ricky
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