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  1. I've submitted the form for beta testing and now it is asking me to join a group but I don't see an Android beta testing group anywhere. Does anyone have a direct link? Thanks, Ricky
  2. thanks for your help, I'll contact support. if anyone else uses evernote on the surface pro 2 please let me know.
  3. Why are the handwritten notes I create on my Surface Pro 2 so freakin huge when viewing on my Note 5? I mean its so damn zoomed in I can only view two words at a time. And Evernote barely lets you zoom out. So I'm creating a handwritten note on Evernote for Windows and then viewing it on my Note 5. Is there any way to fix this or should I be doing something differently? Now, handwritten notes on Android turn out perfect and there is no need to zoom out. Thanks, Ricky
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