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  1. My question was if Evernote has acknowledged the bug and if the user that has posted this topic ever found a solution. So the reason I'm posting here is just to get feedback from this person. I've contacted Evernote but still trying to figure out the problem.
  2. I just changed the default from Adobe Reader to Google Drive viewer and it displayed but still using Google's weird URL. So I'm leaning more towards the problem being on Google's end. And when I click on "open with" in the google drive viewer and select Adobe Reader, I get the same error. Obviously, downloading would be better but web clipping is a faster method.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply. I have Adobe Reader on my phone but Evernote on Android pops up a message about file could not be accessed, check file location or network. Adobe Reader pop ups but then that error message displays. I think that it should work fine on both devices.
  4. So when viewing a PDF in Google's Inbox, I select pop up in window button. Then there is an option to "Save to Evernote" at the bottom. After saving to Evernote, I'm able to view inline but nothing happens when I right click and select open. And Android will not allow me to view or open. All I get on Android is a link to the PDF. Now directly downloading the PDF and uploading to Evernote works fine. Also forwarding the email works great. I'm thinking that it is something that Inbox is doing to the PDF because I get a weird URL in the browser. Clicking the URL will open the PDF in the web browser only. Below is a screenshot of the note and, again, opening the PDF does nothing. And as mentioned above, the other big problem is that I can't view it on Android. Thanks, Ricky
  5. I'll do that. I'm running into other topics where users are having the same issue. I've contacted Evernote as well.
  6. Same problem. This seems like a wide spread issue. Is Evernote working on this? This is such a simple interface issue, I'd think they would be able to fix it soon.
  7. I'm having the same issue. Has anyone heard if Evernote is working on this or found a fix?
  8. So I have my avatar selected for my Evernote work account. All that is showing up is a photo of a "R". I'm using the latest Evernote Beta for android. Does anyone have any idea when this will be fixed and has anyone else had the same problem? The avatar shows up just fine when I go to my account on the web. BUT still no avatar when viewing Evernote on the web. So clearly this is not a problem on my end. Thanks, Ricky
  9. I've submitted the form for beta testing and now it is asking me to join a group but I don't see an Android beta testing group anywhere. Does anyone have a direct link? Thanks, Ricky
  10. With the Note 5, Surface Pro and equally powerful and cheaper custom computers, who cares?
  11. thanks for your help, I'll contact support. if anyone else uses evernote on the surface pro 2 please let me know.
  12. Why are the handwritten notes I create on my Surface Pro 2 so freakin huge when viewing on my Note 5? I mean its so damn zoomed in I can only view two words at a time. And Evernote barely lets you zoom out. So I'm creating a handwritten note on Evernote for Windows and then viewing it on my Note 5. Is there any way to fix this or should I be doing something differently? Now, handwritten notes on Android turn out perfect and there is no need to zoom out. Thanks, Ricky
  13. So I discovered on my phone (HTC DNA w/ Sense UI) that there is an app called "Notes" and it supports syncing to Evernote. So I use Evernote for the home account and HTC's app for work account. Pretty cool solution but I still have yet to see how reliable it is. Obviously there might be lacking features and it would be a simpler experience to access everything from Evernote. Does anyone know if this can be done on the new Note 5? I plan on upgrading to that soon and was wondering if that phone had a note app for Evernote.
  14. When is this going to be implemented on Android? It's available on Windows. Why make it available on Windows and not Android? Obvious reasons why it is needed: - redownloading data EVERY TIME is a hassle - keep personal and work account seperate - more organized Google keep already has this implemented. I'm skipping Onenote because it is a joke on Android. Has the evernote team even made a simple comment on this? Is there a site that shows what they are working on? I like Evernote but it is ridiculous that this is not standard by now. My guest is that they'll add this in about a year to 2 years. I'm sorry it took Android FOREVER to get freakin note deletion.
  15. Is there a shortcut key for just the time? I want to use this multiple times and have the date all over my note is annoying. Thanks, Ricky
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