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  1. I just started checking out Evernote, and I am still hopeful if concerned. I am totally blind and use VoiceOver on iOS and Jaws in Windows. As far as I can tell both the iOS app and windows client are unusable bordering on inaccessible. I saw that this thread has been going for quite some time, but I cannot tell if there is any resolution of the inaccessibility problems discussed aside from work arounds allowing for high contrast and larger text. In the Windows client I cannot read the contents of a note at all because the window is a custom class which does not seem to behave like most applications. Beyond that I cannot seem to get focus to any of the toolbar buttons. There are keyboard shortcuts which are helpful, but after pressing the shortcut I am at a loss as to what to do in the blank new note window for example. I cannot see the text, move the cursor from the keyboard, or get feedback on any text editing commands. My main problem in iOS is each character typed generates a VoiceOver error tone, no feedback is available when editing text, and focus seems to move out of the editing area at random. I hope the subject of accessibility in Evernote has not died and this extremely useful seeming application is available for all people regardless of their ability.
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