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  1. I think of it in three levels, Stacks > Notebooks > Notes. However you count it, we're talking about the same thing. So the point of my post doesn't get lost: Evernote could give users a choice of the number of notebook levels they want in the settings. Sure. That could be an option in settings. But some people seem to like the current setup (as this thread shows), so why not keep them happy?
  2. Great summary of the problem @mtanne! Evernote could even give users a choice of the number of notebook levels they want in the settings. That way, people who like the current three levels don't have anything to worry about, and everybody's happy. There is a way to sort out this 10-year-old issue.
  3. As far as I can make out, you can't put notebook stacks into a space... Is that correct?
  4. Same problem here - used to be able to click a notebook stack, then search within it by simply typing in the searchbar; now I have to manually select the stack from a dropdown, as shown above. Would be great to see this fixed.
  5. I wasn't intending to revive the debate (I withdraw the Neanderthal remark), but thanks for the comments. I would like Evernote to add another level, so I gave my 2c. Like I said, limiting the hierarchy forces you to be organised, but I think they have got the wrong number of levels. Putting things in a notebook, then searching by tag(s) to find the subgroups is unworkable, because I can't remember every tag. I use Evernote for almost everything in my life. There would be a lot of tags. If I organise things by a tag hierarchy, I can't search all the notes in a top level tag easily
  6. Tags are not, in my opinion, a way of organising notes. They create links between notes that wouldn't normally be together, to aid searching and finding notes. They aren't for organisation, they're for finding organisationally separate notes. Evernote's facebook poll showed clearly that most people use notebooks for organising notes: Ideally, from the way Evernote is set up, you should organise your notes with notebooks and add extra tags to aid searching/finding. That's a brilliant system, because it combines structure and flexibility. That's the way blogs do it: organised by d
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