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  1. Since updating to the latest beta, the Evernote blog has been opening as a new tab every time I open the Firefox browser. It's a little annoying! Otherwise things are working pretty well.
  2. Glad to see this extension is coming along. Testing the beta now. Will you be adding support for clipping Gmail emails like in the Chrome version? Or is this something that's only possible in the Chrome browser?
  3. Thanks for the tip. That works but is not super user friendly. Also, there's the weakness you mentioned.
  4. Love reminders but I wish there was an easy way to delete my completed tasks. Evernote shows recently completed tasks, but I don't always delete the notes right away and I end up with a bunch of notes in my notebook like "Get milk" which I don't need to keep forever. It would be nice to have a quick way to view all completed reminders in one place so I can choose which ones to delete and which if any to keep. Or a one-click button to delete completed reminders.
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