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  1. Wordsgood: I've tried this with no result. Thanks for the reply. Gazumped: I've reinstalled twice. The second time I did a search on my computer and found a lot of files left by Evernote even after the uninstall. Did a reinstall after deleting all the remaining Evernote files, but still have the same problem. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Just installed the client on my work computer and pinned the program to taskbar. I'm trying to delete the shortcut icon from my desktop, but it won't disappear! I've tried dragging it to the trash, but it pops back without any error message.I've tried hitting "Delete" and "Shift+Delete" with same result.Tried moving the shortcut to another folder and got an "Out of memory" error.I'm a local administrator on my computer and should be able to decide what to show on my desktop. Anyone have an idea what to do?
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