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  1. oh my goodness. Adnonit have really dropped the ball here. Purchased the tote and jot script (from Adonit) and I have to agree with the majority. The pen is dreadful.. unreliable, inconsistent and other than how it feels in your hand - it has no redeeming features at all. The worst thing is I hear Adonit wont refund postage charges so my £80 investment is pretty much doomed. I'm going to contact Adnonit today - I'll keep you posted. If you are considering an Jot Script, don't do what I did and decide the issues were arising through incorrect use.. it just isn't a usable device. To the Ev
  2. Love evernote and really do want to use if for business, but I'm not in the habit of providing free advertising for anyone - including Evernote. We need to get those footer messages removed for premium users!

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